Limitless with Emma Evelyn

#77 What Happens when you Release the Need to Trust 100%

July 20, 2022 Season 3 Episode 77
Limitless with Emma Evelyn
#77 What Happens when you Release the Need to Trust 100%
Show Notes

We've been taught that we have to have full trust in something before we can fully experience it in our reality. What if the egos idea of forcing ourselves to fully trust without having the evidence, is what is blocking us from receiving the guidance that allows us to receive the evidence? 

In this episode, Emma, shares some take-aways on how you can start living from your heart without fulling trusting the unknown. 

Some of the talking points Emma explores in this episode include:

  • Why you don't need to trust fully to allow experience in 
  • Some questions you can ask yourself that help you take action and follow the path your heart is calling 
  • Working with your fears 

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