Limitless with Emma Evelyn

#73 Create The Reality your Heart Truly Desires & Release Resistance - Guided Exercise

June 23, 2022 Emma Evelyn Campbell Season 3 Episode 73
Limitless with Emma Evelyn
#73 Create The Reality your Heart Truly Desires & Release Resistance - Guided Exercise
Show Notes

Tune-in this week for your solo coaching episode on alchemising resistance to create the reality your heart truly desires. Share with me what came up for you in this episode, I love to hear your stories - Don't forget to leave us a review on Apple or Spotify, it really supports this work!

In this episode we explore:

  • How to bring deeper awareness & acceptance to resistance 
  • An exercise to guide you in alchemising resistance in your body
  • How your reality is a reflection of your internal world and the beliefs you hold in your system 

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Much love!

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Emma Evelyn Campbell is a Healer, Energetics & NLP Coach, guiding you on the journey to strengthen your connection with yourself. In the words of some of her clients…

“Emma is a very pleasant person to talk to, a great listener and someone that really can create and hold a safe space so you feel comfortable to tell your story” - Nuray Kursan, Casting Agency Director

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“Emma has one of the most unique coaching methods I've ever encountered. I was having revelations for days afterwards.” - Craig Saint, DJ & Producer

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