Limitless with Emma Evelyn

#75 Detuning Judgement & Practicing Appreciation with David Strickel

June 30, 2022 Emma Evelyn Campbell Season 3 Episode 75
Limitless with Emma Evelyn
#75 Detuning Judgement & Practicing Appreciation with David Strickel
Show Notes

In today's episode with Channel, Best Selling Author & Creator of the Tya Practice, David Strickel, we talk about tuning into your inner guidance and living a life in both appreciation and the expansion that's offered when we move through pain. David shares from his own childhood experiences to discuss the power of allowing others to have their own experiences through de-tuning judgement. David also shares his wisdom on topics, such as, claiming your power to raise your vibration, moving through and appreciating your triggers, going inward to listen to the source within you & so much more. 

From early childhood, David received what he refers to as guidance from Source. During his teenage years, he developed a deep understanding of universal laws and used these teachings to overcome enormous obstacles. He developed an ability to share this guidance for the benefit of others and has created a simple set of tools that profoundly transformed every aspect of his life, delivering a life of joy, clarity, and abundance.

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