Limitless with Emma Evelyn

#66 The Power of Connection & Community with Phillip Thompson

April 14, 2022 Emma Evelyn Campbell
Limitless with Emma Evelyn
#66 The Power of Connection & Community with Phillip Thompson
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In today's episode with Phillip Thompson, we talk about the power of connecting with others through simplicity and nature. We also talk about detaching from looking for the answers and opening your heart to different perspectives and ways of seeing the world. Phillip shares from his experience of sharing his light, Discohike, and his vision for that community, how it can support others with where they're at in their life and how to stand grounded in your values whilst building a community. 

Meet Phillip! Phillip Thompson is the co-creator of Discohike along with his beauty of a dog, Nana.  Today he will explain what Discohike is and why he started it. It's a simple idea that has blossomed into a wonderful reality. Nature + Music + People Discohike is a different way to explore nature, listen to live music and meet new people/practice a language.

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Uh, during the week, I just teach a lot of English. So just been working out teaching. Do you have like young kids or like teachers? I have a mix. I've got young kids, teenagers, adults. Yeah, I do private lessons. And I'm also in an academy. So private lessons tend to be with adults. And it currently gives me a bit of everything. It's nice. I find a lot of like us expats here because we're both in Spain, right? So find a lot of us teaching is what we do or is like our pathway to move over here, right? Yeah, for me, it was a very natural step. Because I arrived here, when I was 14 years old. My mom is actually from here from Valencia. So I'm half Indian, half British, my father's from London. And that's where I was born and bred, but because I've had the first half of my life in the UK, and then the second half here, it was just very natural for me to start teaching because whilst at school, the mothers would ask me to help this their children pass English. So you know, I started charging at a young age. Teach the English basically. So yeah, it was just always done. Yeah. English is needed nowadays, isn't it? So yeah, yeah. And you had that business instinct as well, obviously, from a young age to bring that in. I suppose so. But imagine just like a mother comes up to you says, Hey, can you help my child pass English? And you're like, Sure. And they say, how much? How much is it per hour? So you kind of get thrown into it, don't you totally. So today, I guess like, what we're here to chat about today is something like a little bit different that you kind of bring into your week as well. So I'd love for our listeners for you to introduce yourself, let us know what it is that you do, and just share what's on your heart to talk about today. And we can just see where the conversation takes us. Okay, fantastic. So my name is Philip. And I have started something that I consider to be quite beautiful, and fun, called disco hike, where we basically go out into nature. We go on hikes, and we bring a musician with us. So when we get to the peak of a mountain or a cave, or somewhere that I think, you know, looks looks nice. And we can stop for a while we do an acoustic concert. And yeah, that has diversified now into several other things as well. But that is the essence of disco hike, where a bunch of lovely people, both Spanish and foreigners get together on a Sunday. And go and explore nature. Listen to some good live music. And I know you've also broaden that out into things like retreats as well, like that's amazing. Correct? Yes. So instead of, you know, hiking out into the mountains, or whatever, we now also do these retreats where it's the same concept. I've put on the Instagram account, a bit of the ethos of this guy, which is nature, music and people. So anything that revolves around that I'm I've started to include in this little creation, where now with the retreats, we just go to a villa outside of Valencia in the middle of nature, and we have live music, yoga, meditation workouts, and again, lovely people that come and join. So yeah, I love that it's growing. It's really nice to see what was the inspiration behind starting something like this go hike because I really resonate with you. There's very a unique, unique thing to bring to this world, but also an important thing as well. So what was that inspiration for you? Yeah, like? Several different things. Yeah, several different things. It's a it's a good question, because of course, it's not just one there's not there isn't one reason, right? There are several different reasons. First of all, I realised that we spend a lot of time in the city. Personally, I had anyway, you know, I went on the Camino de Santiago, loved it, and, and just realised how fun hiking is. And so from that moment on, I just started exploring the surroundings of Valencia because I didn't really know you know, any of the mountain ranges or beautiful scenery we had around here. So I just decided to start exploring and then whilst exploring, I just thought, hey, wouldn't it be cool if we had an acoustic concert here? And, and so and then that's also mixed with my love of good happy, positive people. I'm who are open to adventures as well. So I kind of mixed everything I like and believe in, in a way and yeah, this is what's happened. That ethos of exploration and adventure. Have you always had that within you? Is it something that you've always explored in different areas of your life? Hmm, that's a really good question. I'm not sure. I mean, I don't I think I'm not sure because I've I come from a very, my parents are extremely Catholic, and so that I was brought up in like a Catholic bubble. So as soon as that bubble exploded, and, you know, I started discovering the world for myself, I think that's when I started realising yeah, there's a lot more to life than then we may have been told, or at least, you know, you have to discover it for it by yourself. It's not just what you're being told all the time by other people. So yeah, I suppose that came when I when I burst out of that, that bubble. I love that. And I guess, this guide for you why I'm kind of seeing in this and and reflecting back to you is almost, it's this kind of space for people to express themselves in their own uniqueness and discover more about who they really are. Have you kind of seen that in your community and seeing people connect to deeper parts of ourselves? Yeah, a lot. Because, you know, if on the retreat, for example, I mean, of course, when you're hiking out into nature, and you're meeting loving new people, and then you get to listen to like a really cool acoustic concert on top of a mountain, there's something quite deep there. Although I never specify, you know, I never talk about that kind of stuff. It's just it is what it is. But on the retreats, for example, where we have yoga, or guided meditation, and we get to talk about these things, that's where I really sit when people start to say, why they've joined one of these events, and and how they felt and how it's worked for them know, what it's done for them better said, then that's when I realised, yeah, there is something kind of deeper there. Could you say are some of the ways that you've heard like, some of those ways for people obviously, you don't have to say, but some of the ways that I sure bring people bring people to that, that community and that also connection to nature and other people. So with the with the retreats, what I've heard is people that would like to, you know, connect with others, first of all, and then also to connect with themselves to answer questions. People have lots of questions. And there, there are lots of things that we don't know and aren't sure about. So just being able to be in in a relaxed, safe and positive environment with like minded people, just gives people space to kind of, you know, think about things differently. There's a lot of hustle and bustle isn't there in the city and and so once you get out into nature, or you know, you're Yeah, you're in the middle of nature with like nice people, good music, etc. Yeah, people, people are looking for deeper meanings in life, aren't they? I suppose. And that's hard to find at times with city life because we're overstimulated all the time. Do you find that simplicity is like powerful in that pathway to a deeper connection with yourself and others? I believe so. I mean, there's just something about, we were talking about this the other day, we went up the manga in Korea, and we stopped because, you know, imagine there are 20 people walking up the mountain. And I always tell people, it's not a race where they're just to enjoy life. So if, if I see there are a few people at the back, who are going a bit slower, we wait for them. And so we just stopped for a water break. And we were just standing there in silence. And I think I commented to somebody I said, it's nice, isn't it? When you're standing here looking at the view, just in silence, it's not awkward. However, in the city, it kind of is if you're sitting down next to someone in a bar or wherever. You're just quiet. People find that awkward. You know, I enjoy a bit of silence. I love talking as well. Don't get me wrong, but yeah, in once you're in nature, it's kind of absolutely fine. Whereas city life kind of makes it weird. No, we it's not socially accepted just to sit there in silence by many people. by others. It is so yeah. What do you think that is the power of that silence and that, that that beauty in that moment of being able to actively be and enjoy the silence? Yeah, so for me personally, I think it's just because I believe that there's a lot we do not know. Okay, and we're not going to No way, because we have our human limitations. So there's a lot of unknown things out there. And people seem to my mind needs to fill it in, fill in these gaps that we have. And that's where lots of noise comes from. But yeah, there's just something about, you know, for example, meditation, I started meditating recently, thanks to Gaytan, a girl who has been coming to the retreats to do these guided meditations, her Instagram is Hurray, heartspace I'm sure you get along very well with her love to connect with her. Yeah, yeah. You'll get along with her really, really? Well, I'm sure. And why was I saying this? Well, yeah, I started meditating, thanks to her. And what I realised was that there's Yeah, you can just sit in silence and be with your thoughts. And you know, that's absolutely fine. You don't need to constantly be thinking or questioning etc. Sometimes, just nothing can help you a lot. So there's something definitely quite deep there without trying to sound hocus pocus. But yeah, there's just a lot we don't know. So it's quite, quite relaxing for the human human mind at times of human being just to stay still. And be and also find acceptance in the unknown without trying to fully understand it, I guess. Yeah. I mean, of course, we're always trying to understand things. I'm the first one who tries to understand everything. Okay. But precisely because of that, I know that there are just some things that even if I question it, I'm not going to find the answer. So. But yeah, you can't question it. But then as long as you know that you don't have to go too crazy looking for that answer. What do you see in that, like this openness, like the importance of openness, and I guess that's something that's part of what you do is like opening people up, but also opening people up to understanding that there's so many different perspectives and ways that we can look at the world. So it's being in harmony with one another through those? Yeah, for sure. And that's where I realised, for example, in my own personal life, having been brought up in London has been quite useful in that sense, because there are so many different types of people, cultures, races, etc. Thoughts, expressions, ideas, that at the end of the day, it just depends so much on each individual. And you know what they're doing. That's something also realise no actions speak a lot louder than words. And so that's why I'm kind of more of an action guy. I'm not I'm not great with words. I don't, I find it hard to find the right words, but I just prefer doing things. So that's why going up into the mountains or, you know, going exploring, etc. Just makes a lot more sense to me. And that's what if you read the posts I put on Instagram, it's literally just like, hey, we're gonna do this, this and this. This is what you have to bring. Are you in? That's it. I don't go into detail. Because I don't I don't want to try and set it either. It's just hey, this is the plan. Do you want to come? So yeah, that's really that open? Yeah, I love it is it is how important do you feel that is in commune dirty with other people? I suppose extremely important. Yeah. I've never really thought about that before. But yeah, it is. It is important. Yeah. Yeah. At least listen to what people have to say. And then you know, you can have a laugh about it or not. But yeah, it is, it is very important to accept with no judgement, right? And then that's something our friend Drew would say a lot. You know, no judgement. And, yeah, it's very true. It's very important. How do you see the vision for disco hike as a community, like, what do you see? And doesn't have to be the future? But what do you see as the vision as the ethos expands, and as you grow as a community? You mean, where do I see it going? How do I see it grow? Whatever for you feel cool to share wherever you feel like it's coming up for you right now, based on that question. Yeah. I mean, honestly, I would like to, I would, I want to kind of secure it here in Valencia first, because I've lived here half my life. I'm half Valencia. And, and so I kind of understand how it works here. But I would love to take this idea to other places. Which will be tricky, I'm sure. Especially Legally speaking, because it's already hard enough to set it up here, which I'm working on. But But yeah, I'd like to see it becoming something that can be done by other people in other places and just, you know, kind of franchise the brand or something. I don't know. It sounds strange calling it a brand when it's something that started just for fun. But I've always had that in mind, but because I've always been, you know, I think brands are a big thing. Nowadays, we live in a capitalist society. And at the end of the day, you know, we're all branding ourselves in a way. I know it sounds kind of odd. But yeah, I do I do like the idea of kind of establishing myself in Valencia, with this brand, and then being able to take it to other places. Yeah. As you expand, and as you kind of connecting with this idea of building a brand around the community, you're creating, how do you stay centred and grounded in the values of the community and the ethos of what you have created? Going to the right places, with good musicians and with nice people, that's that's the main, that's the key for me. Yeah, if you if you choose, if you choose the right places at the right time, and the music is of a certain quality. And, yeah, that will attract the right people. So those three things, you know, the place the music, and the people that join, do you see is also an element of like staying connected to those values within yourself as well? Hmm, what do you mean by that? Explain. So if you're looking to expand that in your community, so you're wanting your values to stay centred, even as you get bigger, go to new locations, things like that? Do you also see there's an element of like, How can I stay true to these values within myself as well as grow? Because obviously, like you said, we're part of rebranding ourselves. We're in a capitalist Space Society. And there's lots of noise again, which we touched on at the beginning that we can kind of lose ourselves in. So is there also the element of how do I stay kind of centred and grounded to those values within myself? Yeah, okay. No, no, I understand. For sure. And that's where I would say, and this is, this is something I'm learning now that I'm building this, that it's extremely important to surround yourself with the right people. Something that I've been lucky enough to do. Yeah, I've got a nice group of friends that I've made thanks to disco, hike. And, and I know they can, they will be honest with me, they'll tell me everything, they think, believe, come up with ideas. And so I've got the right people around me. I think Valencia is a really nice place to be. So you know, there's lots to do see, explore. You know, depending on the season, you can do one thing or another. So that's great. And then yeah, Music is my passion. I'm a drummer. So I've played in a few bands and stuff. And yeah, it's just a lot of fun for me to find good music, find cool musicians and be able to help them out, promote them. Even meet them, you know, listen to them live. So yeah, those three things do really help me to stay connected. And I think I love that I think that's such an important aspect as we was we grow with our communities as well. And, and one thing you touched upon, I think, in when we're speaking is like bringing more light into this world. Yeah, bringing more light into this world and that mission. Could you talk a little bit about that? And how disco hike is almost a portal for that light? Yeah. I just feel very grateful with the life I've got. So as I said to my friend Drew, who has started our friend, our friend Drew, sorry, who has started, you know, teaching yoga, if we don't bring light into this world. And you know, I think we've been very fortunate with just life in general, then who will? You know, I've been lucky enough to volunteer in several different places and do lots of different things in life. And so yeah, I just feel like if, if we're not the ones doing something that's gonna help others or bring light into the world. So to say, then, who will write what is your life that you're bringing into the world? Disco hike? It really is. I mean, apart from teaching, I love teaching teachings, a lot of fun. You know, you get to have really nice conversations with people. Because at the end of the day, you know, sure you have to teach grammar, vocabulary, etc. But at the end of the day, you're just speaking with people, aren't you? So you get to talk about very interesting things and connect with people. And so I've just taken that a step further with disco hike, without saying, Hey, you're going to connect with people. It's just you do inevitably, because you're, you know, hiking up a mountain or chilling by a waterfall, and you just meet people. So you're your essence and you're like, Well, I'm reflecting back to you. I'm here and now is like deeper connection. Yeah, yeah, I prefer deep than shallow. Yeah, deep connection as you think about building your own community that you've built, and if there's someone listening to this, or a few people that are listening to this, that are thinking, you know, I resonate with what you're saying. And I value the importance of community. And I'm also wanting to create community where I live, what would be some takeaways, or some tips or some pieces of advice you can give from your own experience of building a community on how to do that with integrity, and connection with yourself. So just go for it. And be true to yourself, you know, that that's, that's literally it. Because I've always had a lot of self doubt. And until the right circumstances arrive in my life, I never, you know, started my own project. And this is my own project, I've always formed parts of other projects with other people and you know, kind of depended upon others. But when you create your own community, you get to choose. So, you know, you asked earlier, how do I stay connected to myself and to what I'm creating, and it's because I enjoy it a lot. So it sounds very cliche, but do what you enjoy, and just go for it. You know. And I love what you said there about, like having that self doubt and relying on those circumstances to make that move. And I think a lot of us naturally do that. Because it's kind of how we've been taught to live our lives for you. Apart from, it's not about overcoming the self doubt. But how did you keep going on that process of building what you're building and creating what you're creating, despite that self doubt of being present there with you? I kind of want to grow, so I didn't want to, you know, stagnate or go downhill. So this for me was just an opportunity to carry on growing and improving. I love that. I love that. And I guess for you now looking at that person who started it, like how has things changed for you now the way that you view yourself? And the way that you view your path? Hmm, that's a good question. However, it How's it changed? I don't know. I mean, I feel I feel I feel better in a way. Because I've actually started, there's always there's always a certain degree of self doubt. So, you know, I'm always trying to improve and thinking about how I can do better, right, but but yeah, I'm very proud of what I've done up until now. I just want to carry that on, you know, at least to the same standard, and hopefully, just do better. And, yeah, and Carry on, carry on making people have beautiful days and moments in life. You know, because I understand that life will go well for me, if it's going well for all the people around me. So that's basically what I'm doing really say like, well, I'm hearing in the eyes that element of service, like being of service to others. And to a certain degree. Yeah, yeah. To a certain point. Yeah. But at the same time, I need to look after myself. So it's, it's a, it's a 5050 I always I like thinking about it as a win win. If it's a win win for everyone, then we're all good. You know, so I am, I am at service for other people. But at the same time, you know, I'll take my time to answer my phone. I won't, you know, I'll turn it off at night and turn it on at a certain point of the day. But, but then yes, I do. I do want to make sure people have a great time and enjoy the the events that I'm organising and etc. So I will I will try and make sure about that. Yeah. So I'm what I'm seeing is like balance, just having that balance between self like filling your own cup, and then also supporting from that overflow, right? Correct. Correct. If there's something that you envision for yourself in terms of how you want to grow, what else you want to experience as an individual, through disco, hike, or away from disco, hike, what does that look like for you? Well, I haven't thought about that at all these questions on this? I love it. I love it. I love it. Yeah, I just you don't get to hear these questions very often. So could you say it again? Because I'm gonna think about somebody come out in a different way now, but I'll let it go. Don't afraid go for go for like what do you see for yourself or envision for yourself as your own individual growth, whether that's through what you're doing with this go hike or in other areas of your life? Like, how does that that growth look like to you? That deeper connection that like to you? I have no idea. What a great place to be. And lots of times when I'm sure about something, I'm pretty sure about it. If you prove me wrong, fantastic. But But yeah, if I don't know, I'll just say don't know. So I've got no idea. I've got no idea where this will take me or, you know how I'll connect further with myself. But how does it feel to not know? Great, because then you have the opportunity to ask questions like you've just asked me now. So you get to think about it, and then make decisions as you go. As you go along. So I'll have to think about that one. I'm looking forward to hearing the answer or just watching the answer unfold, right. Yeah. Yeah, please. With nature being such a central part of the things that you do, how do you feel people can connect deeper with nature, and actually experience it as a more in a more present way, because I think there's a way that we can experience nature, which is going for a walk going for a hike, but there's a difference when you're fully there and present with nature. Yeah. I would just say, just getting out there, you know, once you're there, you're kind of you're free, primitive instincts will kick in. And, you know, it's just at the end of the day, I know, we're human beings, but for me, we're mammals as well. So there's just, it's just very relaxing to be there. So just get out there, start exploring what I enjoy about disco hike is I get to take people to places that I have previously been to, or at least know, will, will be awesome, or have been recommended to go to. And yeah, I love choosing places that are beautiful, that's not gonna lie, or have you know, a certain aspect to it that I think we should go and explore. So, you know, I get to make that choice and show other people what I think is attractive or fun. But everyone's different, right? So I personally prefer the mountains and rivers are the people for the beach. So yeah, you probably get a tan if you go, nice, that makes a lot of sense. That makes a lot of sense. But so then, you know, when you go to the beach, you're going to have a different experience than I am, I'll be hiding, you know, trying to look for the shade, and to cool down, or a cold river. And, you know, you're going to be some peeping getting a tan. And so yeah, just just choose a place, get out there, you know, experience, experience life in different ways. In that sense, you know, don't just for me, getting stuck in doing the same thing again and again, gets a bit boring after a while, like, you know, I understand there are cycles in life. And yeah, we've got to spice things up every now and then. So nature is definitely one of those ways, you know, you just can sit there stuck in or, and you don't need to spend any money. You don't need to worry about anything. It's just Yeah. So I love that. I was just having something come come into them when you were mentioning about, you know, we're human beings. And we're also mammals. What do you feel? How does the spiritual self tie into this experience because I kind of see the depth to the work that you're doing. And I wondered how that shows up for you and how you how you integrate that into into the work. So, as I mentioned before, I come from a very Catholic background, and I burst the bubble by becoming an atheist and by reading, you know, some Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens, etc. So, personally, I'm not a spiritual person, but I understand that word for what it is, for me, the spiritual world is the unknown realm, right? And so I take a more philosophical approach to life. Spiritual atheism is still with your version of spirituality. Yeah, exactly. I understand that. So, you know, I just take a more philosophical Well down to earth down to earth approach to life where, you know, as I said, there are certain things that we do know that we're mammals, you know, we all need oxygen, etc. And then because there are lots of things that we don't understand exploring, those are awesome. That for me is where the spiritual realm comes into play. But I'm always afraid of giving it words, because, again, that's where it gets a bit. A bit tricky. But, yeah, I just take a very philosophical approach to it. So yeah, I love that. And I think spirituality is so much more rooted in like, the values as well, that you're showing up in the energy that you're showing up in to do something. So when you when you really just want to create community like that, in itself is a spiritual practice, it doesn't have to necessarily have like you said, the words that are typically associated with what being spiritual means. Like, it's just an aspect of yourself. And, yeah, that's funny, because that's it, you see it like that? Yeah, you see it like that? I don't, I see it the opposite, almost, I see it as me being, you know, very human, or just trying to be a good human, whatever that means. And I'm using the natural knowledge I have of life and the world to try and improve life for the world. So yeah, I see, I see you in like, it's, it's really beautiful ways, almost like, I think you actually described this a little bit like that. You said, You're a bridge between like, the locals and things, but I also see you as like a bridge between this this unknown space that you don't have to dig into, but you can get curious about if you feel guided to, but also really grounding that experience. So like you said, being human, what it means to be human, and what it means to be in connection with others as a human and, and how important that that is, as well. So I see you as like this bridge with that. And I think that's really cool. Awesome. I've never been said, nobody's told me that before. So, so yeah, thanks. I did, because I'm literally half British half Spanish, I spent half my life there half my life here. I inevitably bridge that gap just by having Spanish friends, foreign friends. And then for me, it's just very natural to speak in both languages, both cultures. So, you know, if I'm in the middle, and kind of explaining things to both sides. It's great. I mean, I love that I enjoy it. And, yeah, but I've never heard about the spiritual gap that you're the bridge in yourself, like it's, I mean, it's just a reflection, obviously take what resonates with you, but it's almost like this. This curiosity to explore the unknown, not necessarily name it, label it make sense of it, but just to explore that. There's this depths that we don't quite understand and know. But to ground that experience for others through things like what you're doing with disco hikes. So it's like, enjoying nature, enjoying music, enjoying these things that, that make us feel connected to ourselves in a deeper way that we can't fully label and understand. It's like, You're that bridge in between that too. So anyway, yeah. And I suppose you have my parents to thank for that. Because even though they're very upset, I'm not a Catholic. You know, they've always had that that's kind of what religion is trying to seek know, the deeper meaning to life. And so I haven't followed their pathway. But I've kind of formed my own, which I suppose is more authentic. And that's why we're talking right now. And that's why it's been able to bring together such a strong community of people that are also seeking to create their own paths and through it through their own authentic expression. And you're that a space holder that allows them to do that. So I think that's super cool. In a way Yeah. Well, I mean, when people come and join the events Yeah, that you get a really nice mix. So yeah, I suppose it is nice to see I have I have met some very awesome people. Thanks to creating this and and yeah, there are people out there who are also seeking deeper meaning I see that especially in the retreats, you know, because that's where we you just spend more time with people you know, you're there for two nights, three days and, and there's yoga and meditation. So you do get into these, these deeper questions. Yeah, that's for sure. And open and curious. Like we said earlier, openness, curiosity, that's what allows you to just explore them without the attachment to exploring it. What's your judgement? Yeah, no judgement. Exactly. What's been one of your most unique or most memorable experiences you've had so far? I know this guy like, like what one rings the most to honestly I've had so many it's so really hard. Because Because every time we do something, it's because I thought it was I thought it was going to be a good idea. And so, you know, I was pretty sure that it was going to work. And so it kind of has, I suppose the last retreat was really special because that yeah, as I said earlier, I try and improve all the time. So that was the fourth retreat I've done in the past year. There's a fifth coming at the beginning of April, but yeah, I just managed to, you know, bring the right people on board as part of the crew. You know, understand better the timetables. Yeah, just piece it all together a bit better. So, the last retreat was really really special because I kind of delegated a bit more and so I was less stressed and could kind of see how I was helping other people do their thing. And they were benefiting from it. So it was a win win. And, and yeah, that was that was a really beautiful moment. Just to see like, the space that you were creating for others and what they were taking space. Yeah, exactly. Just both for you know, my crew so you know, the true doing yoga, the tan doing meditation. Sam who started DJing in the retreats, and now is becoming a bit of a Pro which is awesome. You know, Teresa, who does these workouts and you know, and Santi her boyfriend a good friend of mine is the professional cameraman. They've all started to write this really enjoy doing what they do. They're very passionate about it. So it's just really nice to see how they're growing as well because but yeah, you've you've just kind of helped them out but at the same time, you've helped yourself out. And it's just a win win. Everyone's growing around you enjoying themselves. And yeah, it's just a really good vibe to give off I love that. I'd love this conversation. Where can people find you? If they're looking to connect with you if they're looking to explore what you do a little bit more things? Yeah, just I'm only on Instagram at the moment with disco HK, I did think about getting on Facebook but because of the pandemic I thought it wasn't going to be a great idea because apparently there are more elderly keyboard warriors on there so I didn't I didn't want to get in trouble for meeting up outdoors when there was a pandemic but so just on Instagram but disco hack on Instagram Yeah, awesome. Yeah, just reach out this is that's another thing that I love about having created this account. Initially, it was just you know me reaching out to people or you know, posting on the Instagram account but as you grow and people see what you're doing, they get to reach out to you and yeah, that's been a really nice part of this growth, seeing how people start to reach out to you and you get to Yeah, you get to see other projects meet other people just simply because you started something and they're sending you a message now so that's really really nice element of connection again as well for example year so thank you very much No, this has been good fun. Is there something that you would like to leave our listeners with just something that comes from your heart right in this moment something that you feel cool to share with others I'm pretty terrible at this kind of stuff. So just sit back and let whatever wants to come through it normally does it has this whole episode it's been a beautiful one so what we think we're terrible at we're not usually it's just something I've been told I don't know if you liked what you listen to then just check out disco hike and come and join if you if you like what you see because I always find it hard to explain with words what we do. As I said I'm more of an action person so I think the images speak you know tonnes more than whatever I can say. So yeah, if you like nature music and people check out the Instagram account join one of our events and you'll see the vibe and it's powerful vibe for sure. Thank you so much for coming. I just want to honour you for like the work you've done I think we can see like from your energy and from your your passion for what it is you do that it's not just something that's done to as a business there's more to it there's more depth. Oh no, I started this initially for free. I'm just for fun. So yeah, there's no community and connection and like I said, I see you as that. That bridge and I think that's an important aspect of what we of need as we, we grow. And as we expand as a human race, as well as that deeper connection with ourselves, but also with others. So thank you very much. And I'm very grateful for for those words and for you interviewing me. So yeah, I hope to see you sometime soon. And I believe what you're doing is really cool as well, just so you know, it's not easy. So yeah, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, everyone for who's tuned in today and head to the shownotes. If you're looking to connect with what disco hike does even more, and if you're wanting to get in touch with either of us there, all the information will be down in the show notes. So thank you for tuning in today. And I'll see you all next week. See you later. Bye