Limitless with Emma Evelyn

#65 How You can Work with The Power of The Feminine with Spirit Mamas

April 07, 2022 Season 3 Episode 65
Limitless with Emma Evelyn
#65 How You can Work with The Power of The Feminine with Spirit Mamas
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In today's episode with Spirit Mamas, Victoria Nielsen and Tiffany Wilkes, we talk about stepping into our own unique power as women and the shift from competition to collaboration when in connection with other women. We dive into stepping into our own magic by tapping into our unique feminine essence and balancing this with the masculine energy through bringing awareness to the tools and techniques that support our unique journey. Both Victoria & Tiffany share from their own unique experiences and provide some take-aways for you to access and embody the power that's within you and bringing this to the people around you.

Meet Victoria & Tiffany! Victoria Nielsen is an Akashic Records Reader, Breathwork facilitator, intuitive energy healer, and mama. Her personal mission is to help new and old mamas everywhere find the love in their heart for themselves that they have for their babies. Tiffany Wilkes is a certified Reiki Energy Healer, Sound Practitioner, and Spiritual Coach. As a wife and mother of two su(o)ns, it is very important for her to show them how to live their true life’s purpose.

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Welcome, everybody. I'm going to introduce this episode with an incredible quote that is on the website of my guest today. And I feel like you guys are really gonna love that. It's time to remember who the fuck you are. We don't have all the answers you do. What a powerful introduction to the incredible Victoria and Tiffany of spirit mamas. Hey, guys, it's so nice to have you on again. I feel like it'd be nice for you to introduce yourself individually and then we can kind of roll and just see what comes through to us today. Beautiful. Hi guys. I'm Victoria. I am one half of spirit mamas. I'm a mama and Akashic Records reader, inner voice and breathwork facilitator. And it is my honour to hold ceremonial space for mamas and women everywhere to shine their light and to be that beacon for their families and their communities and come back to that deep remembrance within themselves. So it's an honour to be here. Mm, I got you were reading it. And I was like full body chills. Fucking yes. I love that. I love that. Hi everyone, I am Tiffany the other half of spirit mamas, I am a certified Reiki healer, certified sound healer, intuitive counsellor, and so much more. I'm a mom to two beautiful boys located in Lennox. And I like Victoria, I'm so happy to be able to hold space for moms and people in general, who just need to realise that you hold all the magic that you need to just run this fucking place. So I like love the energy of you guys so much. And we were actually talking about this a little bit before we started about how you guys together just have a powerful energy as you come together as these two hole one beings and form this kind of energy in this oneness together. Do you want to talk about, like how that feels when you're you're in collaboration with one another? And when that energy is just working through you? Yeah, so as I mentioned, Emma, before we got started, like, you know, originally, Victoria and I were kind of doing our own individual things, and we still do, but we realised quickly that when we brought our energy together, like it was so much powerful, like it's almost like it was amplified by the universe. And it's really confirmation that we are spiritually connected, and that we're doing this for a reason. So I think the first time we held space together and like put our energy together, we we kind of paused and looked at each other like oh shit, this is crazy. I mean, we were getting all types of like vibes and downloads and just energy that we didn't even realise we could hold together. And so it's really magical when we bring our energy together and to see what type of healing we can do for others, where you know, I wasn't perfect, I feel like it's expanded both of us in ways that we never even thought possible. So we are truly limitless. And we bring that limitlessness to all of the containers that we hold, because there is so much power when women come together. And the amazing part is it's not just Tiffany and I like yes, of course our energy together is amazing, and it's amplified, but the women that we call in with that energy are divinely guided and I truly think meant to be in the circle that they choose to join with us at the time they choose to join. And then that kind of magic alchemy together are we hold circles that are tend to be smaller 15 people or less on purpose, because we want them to be really intimate so people can be vulnerable and share and come exactly as they are. But that's where the power of transformation lies is in the space that all of the women are holding for each other and even holding for us like every time we hold healing the mother wound for example, Tiffany and I are amazed at the healing and growth that happens to us and the participants. So it's just this magic that I think is amplified, you know, tenfold by every woman in her power you know that joins us to so it's it's really freakin cool. Yeah, I absolutely love that. And I love that message that you hold their women in their power come in together to support guide and also hold space for one another. How important do you feel is it for us to know that we have that medicine and that power within us and then to show up in an intimate and vulnerable way with one another? That to me I'm learning is, I think what I'm personally here to do is to help and remind women of that I keep using the metaphor of a lighthouse that like each of us our own lighthouse and our own beacon, that are going to have that ripple effect not just on those in our immediate family, but our communities in our neighbourhoods, just by being who the fuck we are. Like, you don't have to do anything special. You don't have to have a business, you don't have to, you know, do the energy work that Tiffany and I do to make a difference in the world. And I think we're at a time where we can kind of bring our guards down again. And this is the time when we're reminded that we can heal that which wound that sister wound that competitiveness that maybe was instilled lifetimes ago by the patriarchy, right? And like, kind of take it back and say, no, no, no, this woman next to me is my sister. She's not my competition. She's my collaboration, she lifts me up, she makes me a better me. And there is room at the table for all of us. And I even think like, you know what you're doing Emma is the same. It's the same thing, right? It's your own version of that mission. But you're reminding women everywhere that they hold power, and that we can all come together and support one another. Hmm. I love that. Yeah, I just want to add, like, I think that society for so long, has kind of put women in a box and kind of burned like, just made our fire just kind of dwindle. And so now I really feel like we're stepping into an age where we can step into our power, we can support one another, we can own our shit. And it's okay to do that. And I think what Victoria and I, and even you mo what we're what we're building here is just a community. And we're saying like, it's okay, like, it's okay for you to be this badass woman owning your shit, and really stepping into your power. And you know, I think even when you think about society, and just how really women we ruled everything, right, like our energy we we bring life into this world. Even when you think about like working with the moon, which is that feminine energy, like when you think about the moon, they made it seem like it's this this mystical, like, not demonic, but like witchy thing, right, but then you have the sun over here, that's that male energy that's spread and all this other stuff. But you really have to know how to tap into that feminine energy to really own that. And I think when we have Victoria hold our full moon circles, we're allowing women to tap into that feminine energy that has been suppressed for so long. And even with our healing the mother wound and just like really tapping into that feminine energy, and knowing that you could own both the feminine and male energy so that you can be whole and so I think it's just that time for us to really step into that magic. Hmm, I really just there was so much magic in what you just both said. And I would love to tap into. We talked about some different concepts through that healing the mother wound the sister wound working with the moon, for you guys, through your experience, what are these portals to experiencing that, that power within ourselves and like you said there that balance of the masculine and feminine and knowing that we can hold that what are some portals for us to access that within ourselves and then also bring that to other women in the world? Me It's, it's coming back to the embodiment and the breath. And that has been I was thinking about this actually, last night that the first step for me on this journey was finding breath work and finding that using the breath can bring you back to a place of stillness and calmness and peace, that taps you into that divinity, that feminine flow, especially when we're in this like Go Go Go of society, it's so I mean, I'm so guilty of it too, right multitasking, doing 10 things at once. But you and your soul really want to be focused on one thing at a time. And so that expands time for me when I sit with breath work and I sit in stillness, the 2.0 version that allows me to hold both the masculine and the feminine simultaneously is embodiment. And to me that is bringing that future version of myself to the present moment, who I want to be who I'm growing into and approaching all situations from that place. And that like badass CEO of my own life, right? So I know that I can turn on the masculine and get shit done when I need to. But I trust that inner voice that says no, no, no, it's time to slow down. It's time to flow and I feel like it's really helped me to leave into rest more, which seems really counterintuitive, but I found that that's actually my competitive edge almost in business and in life is knowing when to put on the gas and when to put on the brakes, because I'm listening to my body, and I'm listening to the biofeedback that I'm being given on a daily basis, because I'm stopping, I'm connecting with my breath. I'm asking my body, what it wants and what it needs, so that I can truly serve at the highest capacity for those around me and for my family. And I think it's also realising that me being abundant makes everyone else around me abundant and that it's not selfish, it's not a bad thing for me to take that time for myself, especially as a mom, it's, it's necessary, so that I can come back into that balance. And of course, no one's perfect, you're gonna sway one way or the other. But when you become aware of your own energy, it's so much easier to get back to that neutral place, at least a little bit faster, maybe then you used to when you were unaware. And so I think any of the practices that Tiffany and I teach are really about that mindfulness, and coming back to what works for you, like I know, Tiffany, you have a totally different practice than I do. But you still come back into balance, yet. Yeah, I. So I do mine a little different, like I'm really into meditation and affirmations. And then like, sprinkling in the breath, work with that. So what I'll do is I go into meditative state. But I start that by just taking notice of my breath. And then as I'm meditating, like any affirmations that come up, then I make it like a present moment, and I'll write them down. And then I kind of go back into a meditative state with that being the focus, whatever that affirmation is, for the day, and just being really intentional with that. So like, Emma, before, we got on the call, I mentioned that, like the energy from me has just been really weird this week. And I don't know if it's with, you know, the time change here in the United States, or the spring equinox coming up. But like, I've been listening to my body, my body has been telling me to take a few naps a day. And this is hard for somebody who's working at my job. And I'm like, like, I listen to my body. And so what I'm finding is, through that, I'm getting downloads, I've been dreaming a lot lately over the last two weeks to the point where like, I'm writing everything down. Because I know that there are messages coming through that are very important for not only myself, but even for Victoria and I as we continue to expand spirit mamas. But it had to, it doesn't come to me until I realise Okay, Tiffany, take that breath. Really be intentional about what you are meditating about. And then what do you want to do. And I love what you said, Victoria, about really kind of tapping into your higher self, bringing that into the present moment. And then if you bring your higher self into the present moment, then every response that you have, every action that you have is on a higher level, and then you know that you're making the right decision. So yeah, it's just beautiful to really be in tune with your body and listen to your body because your body is going to tell you everything you need. I learned something last week at a workshop that I did, like, who's your best friend, my body is your body is your best friend, like your body, if you don't take care of your body, and point to this thing that really heals everything that you don't even realise is going on, like, take care of your body first. So then it can tell you exactly what you need, everything else will fall into place. Beautiful. What I'm hearing from both of you is this importance of those self connection practices and listening and being attuned to your body and allowing that to guide you. But those practices can look different and unique to us all. We just have to listen to what's best for us. And I know there's some some things you also bring into your your practices like healing the mother wound and healing the sister wound, I would love for you to dive into those and tell us a little bit about what that work can actually do to shift some things internally and how we then show up with other women in our lives. Absolutely. I love to say that if you have a mother, you have a mother wound, and it doesn't mean that you had a bad childhood or that your mother was abusive. My mother is an angel on Earth literally. But there is wounding that happens especially down the the female line because you were around in your grandmother's womb. So energetically anything that she has experienced. You have also experienced and without you coming in to help heal that or move that energy. It's going to continue on down the line. And so I truly believe women now we agreed before we came earthside this time around that we were going to be the healers that we were given To be the space holders that we were going to be the ones that, that stopped this so that it didn't move forward generations. And I've seen that doing the work in the present day can heal past and future generations, like at the same time. And I know that sounds really trippy, but the very first time we ever held healing the mother wound, my mother was very supportive. But she'd never meditated. She'd never, you know, gotten an Akashic Records reading for me like nothing like that. And out of the blue, all of a sudden, she was really curious. And she was like, Can we open my records? Can we do this? Can we talk about this, and I totally unprompted by me. And it was just the magic of moving that energy. We work our way through the lower chakras. So we start at the root, and go all the way to the heart, and we connect with our healed ancestors, to help us move some of this energy, cut the energetic cords, and really tap into what we need. And it's amazing, we call them the healed ancestors, especially because they can help us. And not that we don't like the unhealed ones, we're doing work for them too. But it helps focus the energy and keeps the vibration high when they're already healed. And it really can open up a whole new world to you this last round of women that we worked with, really, it was interesting, had a lot of similar stories, similar backgrounds and things like that. And they came out of the experience, knowing they were worthy in a whole new way, and releasing old stories and old patterns and we have a cord cutting ceremony as part of the work together we do a burn ceremony as part of the work together. And those ceremonial rituals may seem not like they're doing very much but they are very powerful when you put that intention into the space and again being vulnerable together as women showed one another that you're not alone, right that that thing that you're dealing with, that feels really heavy that feels like no one understands there's there's a group of us out there that understand and know and can support you and I think that just like flips a switch inside some women to know that. You know, it's it's okay now to share these stories and to be who you are. To what would you add to that? I feel like you had such an like amazing experiences last year. I'm lucky to share with us too. So this last round was just totally different. It's funny can speak to right now had a conversation before we started, we were like, should we switch up anything and spirits? Just tell me no, like, I feel like we should kind of lean in and so like Victoria mentioned, all these women were very we were all like witches together in a previous life. Like it was very like, like it was just this knowing. And our is one young lady who I'm still we still keep in contact with. But she came into the circle with her guard all the way up. Because she's just not really going through like the spiritual awakening. And she's just like, Okay, what's this one going to be about? What Bs are they going to say? And immediately Spirit told me to kind of call her out on what I was filling. In from there, we have this natural connection where by the end of the first one, she's channelling this like Goddess who like, well, this ancient poet from Greece, who like she's like, I don't even know this is so specific. Like who I was, like, who and I had to, like, research it. And then this person is really her. And she was she channelled her through the whole four weeks one point where now she's just like, this bad ass. And I'm just really doing her thing, but like, really let her guard down after the first circle, like I feel like 30 minutes in she was like, Well, okay, this is something different. And she, you know, let us know, like, I don't even know how I was led to you all, like, I've been just kind of tapping into different spiritual groups, and you guys fell in my lap. And this was like the best experience ever. And I feel like she was a mirror for so many of the other women in that group. Like she didn't even realise she was holding space. Because I feel like when we step into our magic, a lot of times we have a lot of questions. We don't feel like we have the support. And what we've seen in this last group is like these women came out like, I'm not gonna say I'm sure some of them now are like friends, but like they definitely could see themselves in the woman across the screen from them. And so could we and that was that was very magical, because like Victoria mentioned, like, each time the energy has just been different. This time it was so powerful, so I can't wait until April when we were gonna hold another man like I'm like shit keeps elevating each time. Let's just go it's gonna just keep on expanding right, just moving with the expansion of the universe. I love that. I was thinking, as you were saying that like how beautiful it is for vulnerability to come to the surface through that practice of mirroring of actually seeing yourself in the other of recognising that what's in them is also within you, and how does that show up in your guys's lives? And how does that actually help you be more intimate, not only with other women, but also in other areas of your life. Okay, I think the vulnerability has really shown me that we all have a lot of the same fears and a lot of the same insecurities, and a lot of the same things really buried underneath. And when you can share openly, it's actually not weakness, it's like pure fucking strength actually, to be able to share from your core of who you are. And we're currently writing an Oracle card deck that's almost finished. And I'm going to be getting through like some of the descriptions, and that is one of them, I forget which name of that card, but it's really that that vulnerability. In that space, there is no separation, there is no difference between she and her and you and him, you are all one, we all come from that same space. And so getting back to that pureness, that essence, I think really allows me to come back to compassion, and compassion. For me, I think it's really only even vengeance though these last couple of months that I've realised that when I can come back to that compassion for myself, and what I'm going through, it's way easier to hold that compassion for other people, it's way easier to have compassion for my husband, who may be annoying the shit out of me. But instead of like going to that, like, place, instead, I think, come back to that place of oneness of, oh, this is the underlying thing that is maybe he's afraid of, or maybe he's dealing with in his own way. And it really allows you to, I think, relate to one another, in just such a pure, pure way. And again, to show you that you're no different a lot of those base fears, wants desires, are all very similar in each of us. And that it's not so crazy to to want or express these things. Because I feel like the second we express them, the universe now knows what to do, and can attract you the things that you want or that you need so that you can move forward in a really beautiful way. And so you're not sharing them then chit How can the universe help support you? Like how can the universe help guide you? I think, you know, like, I agree with everything you said, Victor, you know, another thing that comes up with that connection is fucking liberating. Like, yes. I've talked to, like, I've talked to some of my friends. And you know, I think growing up in the society that we grew up in, like, we automatically put up these guards, right, because you got to be like this person. And it happens really young. And I think like, when you realise you can be vulnerable and like, connect with someone else, and that we're all connected. It's like liberating. It's, I don't know if this has ever happened to you all. But like when I connect, like truly connect with the universe, like I have been driving in my car and hurt a bird or had the wind blow through my window, and I feel the the automatic connection that I'm all of these things. And it brings you to tears, right? It gives you this, like freedom, and this knowing, and a and then you're able to step back into reality and be like, Okay, I'm not having that feeling right now. But I know it's there, right? And it just brings all this purpose. And so I think what Victoria and I really want to do for the people who follow us and that we hold space for is remind them that like, I may look different from you, or I may have a different path but like, let's get liberated together. Like let's stay connected and know that we have this connection. It's just so powerful. It's just it's way beyond words that can even express or put into words but it's like it's like a magical song. I can I can feel it and I'm sure that the people listening can can feel it as well because like you said, it's it's beyond words. And I guess for you guys as well. You must see that so much in the work that you do that sometimes words can't describe what's happening and what you're seeing in front of your eyes and the shifts that are that are actually coming to the surface through that deep internal work that you're holding space for. It's absolutely a feeling and I think we're I was guilty of it for years where I numbed out my feelings I smoked pot all day. I like watch TV, like I didn't want to feel anything and that's the key to unlocking this right like feeling your feelings, because that's why we're here is to feel that human spectrum of emotion and all parts of the spectrum so good and bad. And I used to think that feeling the bad like really feeling it was awful and unbearable. And sometimes it is. But you have to feel that to then know how good the good feeling is right. And so that's what I think we come back to again and again is, and we hope that we put that energy out into the world that like, you don't even need to ever read our sales pages or read the website, you just feel our energy and feel us and we like ignite that feeling within you. That's my ultimate goal. Someone calls it What was it? The grocery store effect? Where like, you're just like, pushing the cart in the grocery store. And like, you're just vibing so high. And so me. Yeah. I love what she's having. Like, I want that, like, that's what I aspire to, like every single and Victoria, I think we do that. Because when the women say Guys let you I'm seeing you guys like how they're like I just I just ran across your page, or like your vibe and like your energy. Like we hear that all the time. And it's funny because like, me and Victoria, I think both of our energies usually on about 1000. And like, sometimes we have to like I mean, I'm just a naturally last night, I was talking to a friend, and he was like, Why do you all like when stuff is bad? Like, Why do you laugh? And I didn't realise I was doing that. But I think it's like a defence mechanism. I'm like, why not laugh through the shit never cried through this. I mean, I will cry. But like, I'm just usually my cup is usually pouring over. And I think that our, the people who are drawn to us see that. And yeah, they'll go to our cell page, and they'll, you know, participate in something that we have. But I think probably about 90% of those people just run across us and they're like shit, they are some badass, it's because they we own our energy. I mean, we can't help it, we are so silly. Like when we get together. I love that. It's just you just fully embracing that playfulness that is actually the core of who we are like that love energy, that wanting to feel free in our lives, not from a place to escape, but from a place of empowering and knowing the power that's within you knowing that that magic that's within you, as you guys said, I feel like when you're talking about the work that you do, there's just this integrity within you. And I was I wanted to sort of tap into what we were spoken about earlier about the sense that when you're moving through this stuff, there is still pain that you experienced, but kind of what I heard from you, especially Victoria in that moment, when you were just talking there is that actually that is a source of a lot of discovering that power that's in you discovering that magic that's in you. Yes, I don't think I've ever heard it put so eloquently. But absolutely. Like that's your feelings are the key. And and until you're willing to go there, you're never going to expand as big and open and as bright as you possibly can. And I think too, you know, Tiffany and I Yes, a lot of the work that we do is serious healing is serious. But it doesn't have to be this like, heavy, sticky, yucky thing like, we're here, I think to bring some of that levity to show you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel that there is going to be something beautiful at the end of the rainbow. And to help hold you through whatever you're going through. I think what I love about our community is that we show up perfectly imperfect, like calm exactly as you are to our full moon circles. We have an amazing woman in our community who I love who's in the bath every time she joins a full moon circle she just being so in her element, which is so nice, exactly who she is, and it's perfect. And that's all we ever want people to do and be and and show themselves that that's possible. And you know, I think like you said at the beginning, like we don't have all the answers, like what works for me is not going to work for you is not going to work for Tiffany. But we'll share the practices that we have so that you can make them your own so that you are in control of your destiny. I was thinking about this today. It's like I think as women especially, we've kind of been told right that like what we have is good enough. Or what we're going through is is fine as it is no reach for fucking more. You deserve more. You deserve all of the things that you want in this life. And we're here to tell you that that's possible and that no matter what anyone else has said to you like you can do it. Yes, you have to do the work. You have to dig in. You have to be willing to go there but the rewards on the other side are I mean, tenfold anything else. I agree with everything you said Having, just like, I agree, is just so funny because I feel like at this point we're so meshed together. It's like you got this one. I got to feel like we say the same things in different ways. But like, yes, really just, I like, you know, I look at Victoria as inspiration a lot, because when we first met and I know this was like, kind of told our story on your last episode, but when we first met Victoria was seriously in the spiritual closet. Like I would tell her like, no girl, you have this magic and she was like, No, I don't. And to see where she is now, and even when I get discouraged, because I'm personally going through a lot of shit like a divorce, a magical divorce, by the way, but a divorce. And just trying to figure out stuff in a lot of times, she'll remind me like, it's almost like she's reminding me like, tip, I saw this in you first. So just do it, girlfriend, you know what I mean? And so it's a lot of times when I'm feeling like this morning, she texts me. And I think I told you this, I was like, I have this religion on my phone, Victoria's getting posted after them. And so she's like, Are you doing your release ritual? Real? It I was like, Oh, shit, like, last night was horrible, y'all like it was crazy. But I think we encourage each other, right? Like, we put the steam underneath each other to just do better. And I think that that is exactly what we do with these women who come to us like, there's been times where this is there's one participant who comes through every full moon circle, and I swear me Victoria have been telling her the same thing for the last year. And until she realises that she just has to step into that magic, but it doesn't matter, right, because we're gonna keep motivating her, and we're gonna keep telling her the things she needs to know. And then when she does what she has to do and needs to do and will happen, we're gonna be her biggest cheerleaders. And I think that's what we are where we're your spiritual cheerleaders, and we're gonna make sure that we're supporting you 100% I want to get up and dance but we're gonna hype squad. I'm like feeding off yours guys energy. Honestly, I'm loving it. What we were talking about then like, and how you mentioned as well, like, you went in there about, like your magical divorce that you're going through, and all of these things that we're all going through shit, right, we're all experiencing pain. But it's like our perception and the way that we view it that allows us to feel like we just tapped into there like that, that feeling that becomes so powerful in your life, like, what are some lessons that you've taken through your own pains that you've now integrated into, like the intentions and the the power that is behind spirit moments. So for me, I am the queen of shadow work. So Victoria talks about tapping into your feelings, and that's really what Shadow Work is. But the beauty of shadow work, if you know how to do it correctly, is not getting stuck in those feelings. So about 80% of humans, like when we're sad, we're sad, we stay there for a week and get depressed some people you know, they don't know how to come out. And so when you do the shadow work, you have to also learn how to shape shift, which can be a practice, you have to practice it right. Like you want to lean into those feelings, and then figure out what you can take positive from those feelings and then apply to something else. And so I think when you look at what Victoria and I have built, we aren't afraid to tell our stories we aren't afraid to tell you like, you know, when I first went through my spiritual awakening, I was so alone. So the fact that now I'm building this community of women who are going through their spiritual journeys, and we can support one another is like, liberating to me, right? Because I was so alone. But I realised that during that time, I needed to be alone. To be where I am right now, if I wasn't alone, I wouldn't be a Reiki healer, I wouldn't have spirit mamas, because I had to learn how to really tap into that shadow work and figure out what I needed to bring along with me to help others and what I can leave in the past and so I think that's very important when when really leaning into those emotions is like what can you pull from it? What is valuable to bring to the future and what can you leave behind? Knowing that you can always tap into that energy if you need to learn or bring something forward, but everything doesn't need to come? Hmm, amen to that. I think you know, a lot of people I was one of them. A miscarriage was what really brought my spiritual awakening about and had me searching for just an answer a higher power something out there to make meaning of this, this tragedy, and I truly believe it was meant to happen to put me on this path to bring spirit mamas forward. I'm currently pregnant now and I this soul is the soul that was trying to come through before He was guiding me from the other side back then being like, Alright mom, like it's time to get cracking. And, you know, I think that's the beautiful thing you mentioned perspective, Emma, that's really what it's about, it's Can you shift your perspective in the moment to turn that pain or that mess into your message, right. And again, not because you need to start a business or anything like that. But more sharing what you're going through a is therapeutic as fuck, but be that vulnerable connection, you have no idea how many people have gone through something similar, and it doesn't get talked about or it doesn't get shared. And you're that one person in their life that open that door for them, to know that they're not alone. And to know that like, what they're going through is okay. That's life changing. I mean, the amount of people that came out of the woodwork after I shared about my miscarriage, where people I hadn't talked to in years, people I went to high school with that, like I'd forgotten about. But it was really beautiful to reconnect with them for no other reason than to know that I was able to touch them just by by sharing something I was going through. And so you know, I hope that inspires any of the listeners to know that you don't, of course, have to share everything that you're going through. But it does help and it actually calls in your soul tribe, I think and who you're meant to surround yourself with, and be with and who you're meant to help in this world. Because I think we're all meant to help those around us. You don't have to be a healer, quote, unquote, you don't have to be, you know, a coach or teacher to help someone I think all of us intrinsically are helpers. And just by being your authentic self, and I think when people realise that, you walk a little different in the world, right? Like you, you have a different energy about you. And that actually, I have from years ago, when I went to Burning Man after the miscarriage, I wrote myself this letter saying, let your guard down, let people in. They can heal as much as they hurt. Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself, love yourself. You are enough. Wow, that moves something in me that was gorgeous. And I love it. And it just reminds me that letting people in can expand your life so fucking much. If I hadn't shared any of what I'd been through. We wouldn't be here right now. Like Tiffany and I like this wouldn't have happened. And TIFF. I know TIFF is gonna have so much to share with the world after this magical divorce. It's been two years and started but my dog too. But it's been two years. It's been two years in the making. And I was like kind of journaling the other day. And I realised the first year was really me being in this place of like, survival, it has to work because society tells you it has to work. Then year two was really me figuring out who I was, and kind of like putting it in the universe's hands. Like if it's meant to be it'll be in year three, I truly set an intention of peace. And if it doesn't bring peace, then it doesn't belong. And because I put that in the universe, it's manifested into a true divorce, right? But what I realised is what brings me peace. If he's my best friend, that I can be an amazing parent with, we work well that way together. He's also an amazing business partner. Like if we ever wanted to do business together. Like that is my guy. He's not my soulmate. For right now. He was my soulmate. And so when I think about peace, when it comes to love and affection, it doesn't bring me peace. And that was my confirmation that it needed to end. So I do think that, you know, everybody has a story to tell. And for the longest I I didn't want to talk to anybody about the divorce because, you know, it's shameful, or people may not understand and this year, I'm like, Yeah, I'm separated. I'm getting a divorce. And it's so many people like I'm talking to a girl after this who I'm like, wait, we got married the same year. Her divorce will be final in August. And so she's like, caught me, I can help you with everything you need. Um, and so I just feel like you know, unless you share your story, nobody knows. And then you're kind of left in a box by yourself to figure shit out and who needs that. Like, literally what I'm hearing from both of you is transmuting shame, like, amazing and then creating the space for other people to realise that they have the power within themselves to also do that. Exactly, yeah. Thank you so much. I'm just reflecting back to you. The truth is in you guys. Like that's another thing, isn't it? Like it's not really us that's doing this is it's something so much higher that's working through us and I think like you guys are really embodying that in the work that you do. And what's incredible about this work is how the divine uniquely channels through us, we all have our own gifts to bring to this world. When did you guys realise that this was your, your gift, and this was the thing that you felt called to do in this lifetime. So for me, I went through this transition, probably, I mean, at this point, it has to be about nine years ago, where I really was seeking what is my purpose, I knew it was something more because when I would get into whenever whenever I got a job, I would do very well. And then I want something more, or I always wanted something more something like this, I can't be living my true purpose. Because if you're living your true purpose, you don't want anything more like you don't move. You're just open to like expansion of what you already are. And so there was a lot of me asking God like, God, please show me my true purpose. And let me just tell everybody, when you ask that question, just be prepared. Because your life may or may not be turned upside down. Mine was in a good way I had I had the support that I needed. But I realised like, What do you mean, I'm a healer, like healing who? I'm killing myself, right. And so I think like, after many years of really asking that question, I think probably at this point, about five years ago, it was confirmed that I'm a healer I'm supposed to heal and help others. And however, that looks in that moment. That is what I'm here to do. Now, Victoria had checked me a few weeks ago, because I put myself in situations as a healer, you attract broken people are messed up situations that currently I can't support. So I have to learn how to, you know, filter those things out, and only heal what is needed for me to also continue to grow and expand. So for me about five years ago, I realised I'm a healer. And so just with talking to Victoria, when we had our babies that are like six months apart, it was just like, let's do something that can help moms also heal and just expand and tap into their true selves, and also raise conscious kids who will never forget the power that they have. So that is my sir. Yeah. Sorry, when did you know? I mean, it was when I had Sebastian. So you know, he's a little over two years old now. And I started questioning everything like birth was such a portal for me, I thought I would always be a corporate worker that that was just what I was gonna do, but got to you just blew my mind with the way that you said that, because I always wanted more. I always wanted like, in the sense of like, the next job, the next thing that I wasn't fulfilled and what I was doing, whereas now, I am so fulfilled in what we do at Spirit mamas, and I just want it to expand and expand and expand. And it's a different kind of wanting more and wanting, you know, something bigger and better. It's not a yearning for a job title, or a material thing. It's a yearning for my own growth and expansion and to help as many people as possible. And that I mean, that sounds so altruistic, but I that was a realisation I had probably two months after having Sebastian I joined this like energetic business container, I'd never done Kundalini Yoga in my life, I simply done breath work, like I can't even tell you, the universe just was like, you need to do this. And I came to the realisation finally, like in the quiet time doing breath, work, sitting, you know, with myself when the baby was asleep, that I wanted to help people. And that's all I knew. But I always thought of it in the traditional teacher sense of like, oh, teaching in a classroom or teaching in that kind of setting. And I didn't resonate with that. And I didn't know why. And it wasn't until I put in the inner work that I realised, okay, this Akashic Record certification that I got, just because I wanted to heal and empower myself is something that I can teach others how to do, too. And I can teach it in my own way. Right. And that's my unique magic is that I do it this certain way, Tiffany shares Reiki and her spiritual counsel in her own way. And it's going to attract the exact people that it's meant to attract. And I really believe that, again, every single person is meant to help on this planet if you want to, and it doesn't have to look any type of way. Just showing someone kindness is helping them just shining your light and showing someone that it's okay to be 100% themselves is helping people. And so that was really the the pathway for me was this kind of like businessy programme that was really more about energy that made me realise that Oh, Like, there's way more out there for me, and it's not about my title or my paycheck or making money. It's about, like, how high can I get myself? How, how much can I elevate my vibration, and then just feel really fucking good. Like, that's all it comes down to is that like, I want to feel fucking good every single day. And why, like why not life is too short to not feel good every single day. And so that's what I feel like I try and embody and that's what this journey has, you know, the path that it's put me on is to not only for me to feel that way, but for me to help others do that too. Because my as moms especially like we put ourselves last we don't feel good, we feel like we have to do stuff that we're, we're drudging through life. And thankfully, I never felt like, you know, super down as a mom. But that's what I always hope to show people is that like, you matter, you really fucking matter. And you need to start acting like you matter, you know, and until you do, we'll lift you up. But you've got to be the one to decide to make that change in your life, you've got to be the one to decide that you're worthy, because we're all worthy. Amazing, it's all like, like all of this beauty that's unfolded in your guys's lives. And what I'm sure a lot of the people listening will realise as well. It's just built on those strong and connected inner foundations where we just know ourselves and know are what our truth what our unique truth looks like. And then, like you said, said there as well, Victoria, the expansion of that truth from a place of not wanting more, but just because your soul naturally wants to experience that growth. Right. And it's, you know, I know in our society, it can look different for everyone, right, but that knowing yourself is priceless. And that's a gift that you can give yourself. And I we can come up with a million excuses, right? We don't have time to meditate, we don't have time to turn in or we don't have time for all of these things. I truly believe these practices make time they expand time they make time Vendee in a way that you can't really describe, you know, and it doesn't have to be like you sitting quietly in meditation on top of a mountain, like, you can go for a walk, you can take a spiritual bath, you can journal whatever that is can dance. Yeah, oh my god, yes, dance. It can look whatever way you want it to look like, you know, um, and I think that's the beauty of it too, is that it's going to look different every day for every person. Beautiful, beautiful. I just want to honour you guys, because I absolutely love the energy you bring to these shows, like we've done one before. And I love watching you guys on Instagram as well because you're just so you're so connected and embodied in what you do. And also true to yourselves and what you do, you don't let the label of spirituality turn you into to someone else other than the people that you're here and who you're here to be and you hold space for people to also see that within yourself themselves. So I just adore that. And I want to thank you for for doing that and for coming on and being in that energy as well. So just to wrap up I would love for you guys to share how people can connect with you how they can work with you. And anything else that you feel is on your heart to close this up today. So one thing on my heart is you've mentioned that you know we are spiritual but we show up as ourselves and just a reminder that we're all spiritual beings just living in this human body so you shouldn't have to be different to be spiritual like it's just really being your true self. So that's the little nugget I want to drop but um I mean you can find us on Instagram at spirit that mamas have some really fun stuff going on over there I think our our page is really fun. And it's so statically pleasing really hard to make sure that happens. Right behind. Oh sure. I didn't do what she tells me to do. And then every now and then I go a little rogue so and then you can find us online at www dot spirit Mama's dot com some cool stuff there you can find out about our one on one sessions. You can also find out about our beautiful containers like our full moon circles that we hold each month, as well as healing the mother wound which we talked about a little earlier on on the podcast. And we actually have a session starting in April. The second week in April, as Victoria mentioned is a four week container where we really tap into the lower chakras leading up to the heart is so magical I can't wait for you know this one to uh to hold space for the next group of women. We have you guys are gonna miss it but missed this but we do have it coming up next week. Yeah, you go to the aesthetically pleasing Instagram is going to be beautiful with so that vision themselves at your next retreat. Well in speaking of we have a retreat in the north Georgia mountains this will be the second year so our second retreat in the north Georgia mountains which will be held the last weekend or the second to the last weekend in October. So you know, interested in that, go to our website, check that out. And just more to come like we are building this beautiful space that you know, I feel like we get all these downloads and we are already working on the next big thing. So I'm really, really excited for you guys to see what we have coming. And one of those next big things is hopefully an international retreat and fun Yeah. I would love to see you guys say there's so many like people that I can just see what resonates with you do so much in a way that it's just so liberating, as you said earlier to themselves because there's there's a lot of mums here. And there's there's a big spiritual community here as well. So we'd love to have you guys on island. The island says so so why not? Did you have any little nuggets of wisdom to add in there, Victoria, anything else you wanted to share before we close up? No, I'm just so grateful. And I think everyone if you can tap into that gratefulness in your heart every single day, you will be on the path doing what you're meant to be doing. We're here to support you in any way we can. We love you. You are worthy of your dreams. You're worthy of your desires. And we just can't thank you enough for inviting us back. Emma, we love chatting with you too. I love it. There's gonna be way more I know. Thank you so much for coming on. And thank you everyone who has tuned in today. We will see you all later. Thank you. See you later. Bye guys.