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#64 Exploring Your Human Design - An Interactive Episode with Stacy Keele

March 30, 2022 Emma Evelyn Campbell Season 3 Episode 64
Limitless with Emma Evelyn
#64 Exploring Your Human Design - An Interactive Episode with Stacy Keele
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Access your Human Design and follow along with us on this episode:

In today's episode with Stacy Keele, we talk about all things Human Design! Human Design is a map of your energetic DNA, thats rooted in ancient wisdom and science. We talk about the way you were designed at birth and who you are on an energetic level and how you can use this tool to shed the layers of conditioning and show up in alignment with your authentic self. Stacy shares on her knowledge and experience with Human Design and provides you with practical take-aways that you can apply in your own life. 

Meet Stacy! Stacy Keele is an ICF accredited + certified Authenticity Coach who focuses on helping people build abundance by being themselves through deconditioning, Human Design, + Manifestation. She believes that once you get to the root of you are + not who you've been taught to be, the world opens up to you.

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Our location set for this year. Yeah, so here in Austin, Texas, it's at a venue called Grambling rose ranch. Oh, well, yes. Name. Yeah. All outdoors is on a ranch. It's has a rescue animals like horses and they have a pig. And it's a very, it's not very traditional, very traditional. But like, I think that's important that you're tapping into and doing something that's in alignment with you. Because there's so many, like different ways that you can have a wedding. And I think just doing the way that you want to do it makes you so much more fulfilled in the day. Yeah. Yeah, love. And we're, we're really lucky because we both have speaking on human design, we both have impulsive authority. So we both make decisions, impulsively. So it's been really great to be like you like this? I like this. Great. Well, so nice. I love that. I love that. Well, Stacey, we've had you on before, but would you like to introduce yourself? Let us know what you do. And then I'd like you to speak about what's on your heart to share today. Oh, yeah. So I'm Stacey keel. It's nice to be back here. Hi to all of those, and hello to those who I have not met, quote unquote, met, podcast wise. Sure, that makes sense. I am a human design reader and a certified authenticity coach. Basically, I help you live your best life by being yourself through authenticity, deconditioning Human Design manifestation. I basically help you build the life that you want to be living as opposed to the life you should be living. I love that. And I can say that Stacy's amazing because we have done some sessions together. So if you resonate with anything that she says in here, like she's just such a beautiful space holder with women when it comes to human design. So that's what I love to have these conversations, especially with people that I've connected with that in that way, as well, because it just has so much more depth to them. And I think that's amazing. So I'd love for you to just tap into like, what's on your heart to speak about today? If there's something that you want to go over, if there's something that you want to bring up? And we can we can riff off that? Yeah, let's see. Definitely human design, because that's what I've been like really focusing on lately. I think it'd be cool. Maybe if you just give an introduction for people that are listening, and they're like, What is human design? Yeah, just just to give us a little understanding of like, what it is and how we can work with it. Yeah, so human design is a map of your energetic DNA, it's based on the time and place you were born very similar to astrology. But it is also rooted in science. So it lives in this like really cool cross section of science and whoo, one of my clients likes to call it spicy science. Got a really good giggle out of when I heard that. But basically, it is a tool and not a belief system. But it is how you were organically designed at birth, to show up in the world to create more ease and flow in your life and less resistance intention. So there's a lot to it, it's super layered. But at the core of it, it's about really tapping into who you are on an energetic level, and getting rid of all of these layers of conditioning that have been thrown upon us by our parents and our environments and our religions. And basically, everyone you've ever crossed paths with, or tell you, you are this, right? You are this person, this is how you need to show up in the world to be a, you know, a good member of society and all that stuff. So once we look at all these things, and start to shed the layers of conditioning, we start to get to the root of who you are, what you want, why you're here, and how to make it all happen. What caused you to human design and wanting to understand yourself? Yeah, that's a great question. I got to human design. An interesting route, I would say so I lived in New York for 10 years. Previously, or prior to moving back to Austin, Texas, where I was born and raised. Joe was where I am now. And I did the whole theatre thing. I did the whole hustle culture thing in New York and it was great and I had success there. A lot of success, personal success, Career Success, success. But I learned that I was not using my energy efficiently there. And I was getting really tired and really burnt out and sick, literally sick. Right before I left New York, I was diagnosed with a thyroid autoimmune. And then at in our journey back down to Austin is when I had my diagnosis of endometriosis as well. So I am a chronic illness warrior. And I do believe that that has an energetic component to it. Absolutely. And so when I came back here, I went through all of my endometriosis diagnosis stuff, I had surgery had excision, I was starting to feel a little bit better. But also I kind of went into a depression after my surgery, having been diagnosed with this condition. For those who don't know, endometriosis is a disease where tissue similar to the lining in your uterus grows outside of your uterus, and can grow on your other organs and make them stick together and causes a lot of pain. And so I went through a little bit of a depression after that surgery of okay, I'm gonna have this for the rest of my life, there's no cure is awful. And so many other people have it, you know, doesn't just affect women, people with reproductive organs. And just being like, this is my life now and how am I going to get better? And how am I going to bounce back and through the endo community is actually how I found human design. And once I learned about human design, I was immediately interested in it. I was like, What is this, I love all the kinds of personality tests and like that the Enneagram and the Myers Briggs and astrology, like I just love it all. So when I learned human design, like I have to no more and the more I learned, the more my life began to change. And the more I learned how I was not using my authentic energy correctly, or in alignment with who I am on that core level. And everything started to kind of make sense. And piece together of that puzzle of why me why now why did all of this happen. And it's just been a complete one ad for me. And that's why I want to share it with the collective because through my own experience, it has completely changed my life. And I know it can change other people's lives. And that's why I just love it so much the impact of it. I love that story. And for people that are listening and resonate with that maybe not the exact situation in your story, but resume with that story of something is not quite right. And something is not quite fulfilled in my life. I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing. And I think a lot of us, myself included, have seen that and experienced that on that path. What, what guidance would you give for people that are starting to open up and wanting to see a new direction? And how can that how can human design support? Well, first off, healing is not linear. Do we think that once that door opens to our spiritual journey or healing journey, it's all up from there. And that is not accurate. And so keep going, a evolve. It's worth it, and you're going to have setbacks, and you're going to have quantum leaps. But again, it is not linear at all. Even in human design, you know, in human design, it's all about experimentation. It's all about, you know, learning your design, and saying, Okay, this is my energy type. And this is how I make decisions. And this is how I create opportunities for myself, or I'm supposed to write at the beginning when you're like, This is not how I'm doing it. So now I have to start implementing these things. And even as you start implementing them, you'll learn that, oh, maybe that doesn't feel good this way. Or maybe I don't like to make decisions that way. And that's okay, too. Anything that doesn't resonate, resonate with you, in your human design, you have permission to throw away, you have permission to put to the side because as I said at the beginning, this is a tool. It is an awareness tool. It is here to say, oh, it isn't as a tool for expansion, to open up your mind and your point of view and look at things differently and say, maybe I can create more alignment for myself. Satisfaction, success, peace, all of these signpost emotions and human design by following this work if someone's listening, and they're wanting to like find out about their designers, so as we kind of dive deeper into it, where can they actually go to access this, you know, some websites and show notes and then people can kind of follow along as we dive a little bit deeper. So it's kind of a little bit interactive for them that you can find your chart at Jovian My human genetic There are a few others out there. But I think those are the most popular. I'll chuck those in the show notes. So if anyone kind of wants to follow along in his little bits that we speak about, then you can kind of tap into those. As we go. I'd love for you to speak about the different the kind of broader aspects of human design, which is obviously the types and that we show up as so of whether it's a projector generator, and just a little bit of information about what those types represent in terms of how we show up energetically. So there are five different energy types in human design. First, we have generators, which you are seeing here. Generators are our divine doers. You guys are lifeforce energy in the world. We have manifesting generators who are a subset of the generator. They're also doers, they have that beautiful lifeforce energy, but they're very multi passionate, they're meant to do a lot of different things in their lives, they're meant to, if something sparks their interest, really dive deep. And then once that energy is gone, move on to the next, this can lead to a lot of conditioning around the word flaky. You know, oh, manifesting generators are flaky, you can't commit to anything, just just, you know, pick one thing and stick with it. And that's really not how manifesting generators are supposed to show up in the world. And I think that a lot. First, as a blanket note, we're also good at living our designs naturally when we're young. And then as we grow up, that's where that conditioning starts to happen. So most times, when I relay this information to clients, it's like a sigh of relief that like, Oh, yes, I feel that I love that. But I never thought I could lean into it. I never thought I had permission to be that person. I never thought I could dive into all the little itty bitty things that I love. Because people think they're weird that I can't focus or that I'm flaky, and I need to just stick to one career, things like that. So next, we'll talk about projectors, projectors, I'm a projector projectors are our guides, our coaches, our teachers, projectors are not here to do the doing. They are here to help other people navigate their energy and guide their energies. We're here to say, oh, but you could do it this way. Make it more efficient. And so we kind of sit back and say, Why don't you try it this way? And then the generators and manifesting generators are like oh, yeah, that makes so much sense. Next we have manifest sirs. Manifest errs are our initiators in society. They are very bold. Their energy will ebb and flow. Just like projectors energy will ebb and flow. That's why we don't have that lifeforce energy that do or energy manifestos are very polarising. People often know when they enter a room either being like, oh, so and so is here, oh, so and so's here, because they're constantly pushing out their energy affecting other people. But they are meant to have a big urge and say, I'm doing this, we're going this way. And then everyone else the other types are like, I want to come? Sure, let's go right. And then we have reflectors, reflectors are our evaluators, they are very rare reflectors only make up 1% of our population. And that's because all of their energy centres are undefined. So they are constantly taking in other people's energy and magnifying it in all of their energy centres, which is not common. And so they are really good at sampling different environments and saying what's working and what's not. I think a lot of people now will have a bit of that feeling a sigh of relief as well to hear some of those things come through and look at their own charts. And as we were kind of exploring that there, we touched on energy centres. And I think that would be good for us to have a little overview of those as well. And then how that kind of links in between defined and undefined. So in human design, we do have chakra so it's built on the chakra system, but instead of seven, we have nine in human design. And these energy centres are how we really express ourselves. It's how we either push out our energy or take in energy, it's how we receive it's how we give it's information that we're constantly processing through the centres. So at the top, very top of your body graph, you have your head centre, head centre is all about inspiration. Then you move down to your Aashna which is your mind and that's about conceptualization. Next we have your throat centre, that's about manifestation and communication speaking things into existence. Then as we move down I'm like picturing in my mind then we move down. We have our self centre our identity centre, this is a Purpose, love direction, sense of self. Then we have that tiny little triangle to the right of the middle diamond. That's the heart and ego centre. This is about motivation and willpower. Then we have, we go down to your sacral centre, so that's the second square from the bottom. If it's coloured in, it will be red, it might be white, however, we'll get to that in a second. The sacral centre is about your lifeforce energy creation desire. Below that we have our root, right, your root chakra your root energy centre, about momentum, and stress. Then if you go up a little bit, to the right, you have your emotional centre, clean, clear, it's about your emotions, your emotional life. And then on the other side, that other triangle is your splenic centre. This is about survival instincts, intuition, fears and anxieties. So with the energy centres, if it's coloured in, and the colours don't matter, it's not like well, I have a, I have a brown route, and somebody else have a red route now, it's just always gonna be brown, just just the colours are different. So you're like, I don't know what this colour means it's okay. It has a colour and then it's defined. And that is where we have reliable sense of our energy. That's where we're conditioning other people, we can really rely on that sense of energy, if it is white, that is undefined or open. And that's where we're taking in other people's energy and magnifying it. So when you have a white shape, energy centre on your body graph, that energy is not authentically yours to have. So for example, Dewar energy will talk about the sacral like right now with us talking on this podcast, you have a defined sacral, a coloured and sacral I don't minds wide open mines, mines white, super white. So when you have that, you know energy that is a very reliable constant sense of your doer, energy, when you're leaning into the things that you love. That's you create more of that good energy. I don't have that. So I am not a quote unquote, doer, right, I need a lot of rest, my energy will ebb and flow. But when we're together, like right now, you are conditioning me with your defined sacral. So when we are together, I do have a more reliable sense of that Doer energy, because you're conditioning me with it. So when we talk, like I feel very energised right now I feel really excited. We're talking about human design, so of course, but also because you're a generator, and I'm a projector, and I'm being conditioned by you. So what's important here, though, is that we don't over identify with that energy. So without this awareness, if words you know, after the podcast, we go about our lives, I shut my computer, I'm alone in my bedroom. All of a sudden, I'm not being conditioned, was that Doer energy? And I might suddenly feel very tired. And say, why? Like, what, what's wrong with me? Why was I so energised just a little bit ago, but now I have no energy. What have I done? What's wrong with me? What's bad about me? Right? With this awareness? Now, I can just say, Oh, that Dewar energy was not mine to have. This is my organic state. And that's okay. Because I'm a projector. Right? And so we can start to create these narratives about ourselves. Without this awareness of how horrible or bad or you know, oh, God, I don't have any motivation or what like, My inspiration comes and goes, like, why can I just focus things like that. And in human design, we can look at these energy centres and say, defined or undefined and why and what you're feeling and how we can work with that. It creates just so much more understanding and self compassion. That was a really long, I think we're talking about human design. So it's gonna be and I think like, with when we talk about human design, people kind of need that foundation for us to dive into it, because it is such a complex system. And so thank you for taking that time to introduce people to it and I had a question come through to me about that undefined sense the centres that we have undefined. I think the idea of that we're being conditioned might actually scare a few people and my have people being like, so what I'm doing is that not me. So how can we work with these undefined centres in a way that supports us in authentic expression. But also just so we're not saying, okay, because I'm talking now. i But I'm coming from a place that's undefined. Right? How can I better show up still? Still honouring my own energy, but also being aware that I'm being conditioned in that moment? Is that Yeah, resonates? Yeah. So, again, Human Design is a tool for expansion is a tool for ease and flow. It's not here to promote restriction or tension or chaos spirals, right? That can happen really easily. And so again, it's it is a tool for self awareness and self compassion. So there's nothing wrong with how you've been showing up until you learn this information, right? It's not learning this information, be like, Oh, my God, who was that person back then? Still you. Still you? Absolutely, yes. But now we can start to kind of look at like, oh, well, yeah, because I was making pro and con lists for my decisions. And that didn't really feel very good to me, but I didn't know how else to do it. And then we can look and say, maybe you have a sacral authority authority is is how you are designed to make decisions for those that don't know. Or splenic. Me, I have a splenic authority. And so I listen to my intuition. And so if I, which I have, in my past made lots of lists, lots of pros and cons. Like, like, maybe I should sleep on it, maybe I should take my time to go over it. And then realise that, like I'm even more confused, or now I don't, it's not helping me. And to learn this information. Now. It'd be like, Oh, that's just not how I'm authentically meant to make decisions. This feels so much better now. Just being able to listen to my intuition. I'm not demonising past AC, for making those mistakes, right. It's not Oh, God, well, that just wasn't me. Who Who was that? Right? It's just Oh, okay. I'm giving myself some self compassion. And we're really going through this journey of life together, right, we can look at it as here we are in the present, we can look at our past self, our childhood self, our inner child, we can look at our higher self, our future self, right. They're all versions of us. It's just how we're experiencing and exploring our authentic energies throughout this journey. Yeah, so what I'm hearing in that is that the parts of us that are undefined it's kind of coming to terms with how can we better show up? Honouring that they're undefined and honouring what parts of us are actually kind of reliable in our own authentic energy and kind of combining the two in a little way bring in bringing awareness to everything we do. Yeah, absolutely. In our undefined centres, as white centres are, yes, they are centres for conditioning and distraction. But they're also where we're going to cultivate the most wisdom about ourselves to through this self awareness and this modality that is human, I'd love for you to expand on on how that looks, how it looks, gaining the wisdom through bringing awareness to the parts of us that are open to conditioning. Yeah. So I'll use a couple in my own life. I always do that. I think that's the best thing. It's like, well, I'm going to talk about this, this thing, and I'm just going to use myself as an example, because we are walking this path with you, everyone trust me. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And it's so funny, because now I can like really identify these patterns that happen in me and I'm still even I'm still experimenting with how I use it, right? It's how I want to shift it how I want to lean into it, right. So for example, let's take my root centre, RW centres about stress and momentum. And I do not have a defined recenter mine is undefined, which means I'm being I am being conditioned by not only other people's defined root centres, but also the stress of external, the external environment. So this can lead to, I like to call this the procrastination centre. Undefined, right. We don't have that regular sense of I said undefined, right. It's undefined we do not have that regular sense of momentum of stress of keeping up that you know, steadiness, I could say under pressure, I know the pressure Yes, the root Centre is a pressure centre. Absolutely. And so for me, like external stress, I don't really handle super well. And if I'm, say my business right if I need to make coffee or do you know an email sequence or XYZ may copy from my website maybe to help design more of my website, things like that, it does not matter. If I have four days to do it, or three weeks to do it for two months to do it, I will wait until the very last moment until that external stress is like the time is now. Because now we have that stress, right? So I'm a procrastinator. Before I had this information, before I had this awareness, I would say, God, what a terrible quality about myself, right? No one wants to be a procrastinator, why am I so lazy? Why can I get shit done? Right? All of these narratives that I start to create about myself, once I learn that I have an undefined root centre. And that, yes, I need that external pressure to get things done. Because I don't have a reliable sense of it. Right? I need that go time that pressure. Now, I'm trying to learn how to use it. Right? So like with my business coach, she says, Do you want to work on a couple things at once or one thing, and I'm like one thing, but I need to have timelines for myself, that I need to get done and sent to you. Because if I don't have that accountability, if I don't have a timeline or a deadline to send you things by, it won't get done. And people might hear that and be like, oh, yeah, you're an entrepreneur. How does that work? It's like, well, this is how it works is that I'm gaining this self awareness to be like, these are my patterns. These are my authentic patterns. And now I can change the narrative of how to work better with them. So we can also take like my head centre, I have an open head Centre, which is also a pressure centre, we're having structure come down sides. Yes, the from both sides for the energy centres. And with an undefined head centre, this is all about inspiration. Right? This is about acting on your inspiration and knowing what inspiration to act on and where you can gain inspiration. And this can also be kind of I like to call this the shiny object centre when it's undefined. Because you can get so much yes, yeah, that MAGpie that this is me. Yeah. That like, oh, well, I this really good idea. I should work on this. Oh, but what about this, oh, I could I could do that. Or, oh, no, because this project, this project is gonna be it. So all of these things happen. And then we can focus on one thing. And then again, nothing gets done, because we're like, I don't know what I should do, because I have so much divine inspiration. So learning how to work and focus with an undefined head centre is something I'm also working on, right, getting rid of those distractions, perhaps not working from home, perhaps going to a coffee shop, to focus, instead of being distracted by my laundry, and my dishes, and the bed and all of these other things I could be doing around my house. That's not the task at hand. So that those are just a couple of examples of how we can start to change narratives and work with our centres as opposed to I think that's key isn't is that ability through awareness to work with those parts of us rather than demonising the fact that they are open. And I think that can happen a lot with the open is ego for empaths. When you can when you can have a undefined ego and you end up being empaths it emotional. Yeah, emotional. Yeah. I think that can be something that a lot of people get quite hung up on with themselves and because that's one that requires you to set boundaries with yourself and set set energetic set points for yourself as well. Can you can you speak to people that may notice that they they resonate with an M empaths. And they want to kind of set more boundaries in their life? Yeah, this is actually really interesting because I had a client messaged me this week about their emotional centre. And I feel as though the word Empath, right is so universal. And in human design, if you have an undefined emotional centre, that's really what makes you the most empathic because you're taking in other people's energy and magnifying it. If you have a defined emotional centre, right, you have a lot more reliable sense of your emotions. And so you're conditioning other people with how you're feeling. And that can get really confusing for people because they're like, Well, I identify as an empath, but I have a defined emotional centre, but according to human design, That means I'm not empathic I don't understand. And that's another example of if it doesn't resonate, and that's okay. And there are other avenues of why you feel empathic. Perhaps it could be in your gates or your channels in your human design, perhaps it could be stem, it could stem from some childhood trauma as well, right? When we are forced to walk on eggshells around our family, our parents, if we have a volatile parent, who we don't want to upset, right, we get really, really good at reading people to say, What can I say in this moment? How can I feel in this moment? How can I take care of them? Right? Those kinds of things, and there is a difference there. Right. So that's why identifying as an empath is so universal, because we all have these ways of gaining that ability. But in human design, right, if you have a defined emotional centre, you do have an emotional wave of your own that you're writing, of being like, Oh, here's my high, here's my low, here's my calm, cool, collected state. If it's undefined, you are taking in other people's emotions, and over identifying with them. Could be over identifying with where you are taking them in and identifying with them. And that's also something that I I struggle with, I have an undefined emotional centre. And it can be overwhelming sometimes. Especially as a Pisces rising, and you know, bringing all the astrology stuff with you. Pisces moon? Yeah, it's Pisces season. It's intense, right? Yeah, yes, it is really intense. And so that's another reason why this self awareness is so important. Because if I'm in an environment with a lot of people, and suddenly I'm feeling what am I saying, or even just one person doesn't have to be a group for me, I'm with one person, I can totally be overcome by their emotions, especially my partner. If he's not feeling well, if you're feeling sad, or feeling frustrated, like that hits me like a tonne of bricks. And I have to constantly remind myself, This isn't mine. This isn't mine. This is not mine. And creating tools to help you set those boundaries, right? Getting quiet, doing some meditation, imagining, you know, you're in a fountain of white light, that's your boundary and no emotion that's not yours can get through it. Right? Or maybe you leave the room, that's a great tool as well of just being like I need, I need literal space from you. Because we can feel people's auras, right. That's how we're being conditioned, because we're feeling their energy. So being like, this is too much for me. I'm going to go take a walk, or I'm going to go take a shower, right water is very powerful, in really like letting all of that wash off of yourself and down the drain. Imagine all of those feelings that aren't yours that are upsetting you or your over identifying with just washing off of you and going down the drain. I like those kinds of things. I love what you mentioned there about like recognising those things in your partner as well and recognising where you're where you're actually again, over identifying how important do you feel is it for us to not only be aware of our own charts, but also the charts of the people that we're in connection with on a deeper level. So wherever that's friendships, partnerships, business relationships. Yeah, I think it's really important. And, and if you resonate with this work, and you dive into it, you will find that pretty quickly. It'll be like, I just want it What's your birthday, whatever you want. Oh, you know, it's like, I need to know everything about everyone. Literally, when I started this, I texted my entire friend group it's fascinating to learn, isn't it and you start actually being able to like, almost intuitively know what someone is before you actually look at their chart because there's, you start to notice the little tendencies of different different types that kind of are amplified a little bit. Yeah, absolutely. And there's so much to look at in a partnership reading if you're like looking at your chart as opposed to somebody else's chart because when we put two people together just like I was talking about what the sacral centre with us, right you see what starts to overlap. You see how you're conditioning each other as well. My fiance has a defined sacral too right so like I'm constantly being you know, with that Doer energy and having to be like calm down, this is not your leave the room, go take a nap, right go for a walk things like that. But also again, you know, like we were talking about at the beginning of, of making decisions together, right if you if I I have an impulsive authority. And one of my best friends has an emotional authority, which means they need to take time before they make a decision, right? We're not, we're not going to be on that same page. And I'm going to be, if I didn't have that awareness, I would say just make a decision. Just choose, it's not that harm. And she would, she might say, you need to take some time, you need to sleep on it, you're being rash, you're being too impulsive, that's not a good thing to do. Right? And then we start to create those narratives again. Maybe they're right, maybe I should wait. Or maybe I should be impulsive. Right, as opposed to just understanding how the other works. And being like, I'm gonna I vote this, but you know what you take your time? Absolutely. I don't, you know, when it comes to working relationships to right, if you have an emotional authority, it's, Hey, do you want this project with me? And you may in the moment, be like, Yes, I do. But with the awareness that you need time to make sure you're at that very steady, energetic place to say yes or no, is huge. And being able to say, I'm very excited at the potential of us working together, but I do you just need a couple days to think about it. And then that can streamline everything. I love what I'm hearing here, it's almost like, human design in relationship is like a portal for deeper compassion for one another, especially how how, what an incredible tool that is for business, right? I mean, everyone I work with, I get their charts. And I have a look, I'm not a human design reader. But I can see like basic little bits, and I can see how to best ask them questions how to best support them. And I think it just changes the whole way we show up, but also how we show up for other people. And when you mentioned in there about being conditioned almost, is there ways where that's actually quite supporting to have kind of opposing charts in connection with one another, especially in deeper friendships, partnerships, things like that. Oh, yeah. So in the example of the Define sacral, right, if I have a lot to do, and I'm in my projector, you know, slump, my ebb and being like, I'm just so tired. You don't want to do anything. Right, I can call upon a generator manifesting generator friend and say, Hey, you want to co work today? Yeah, you want to meet me at such and such. And we can just work next to each other. Because you don't have to verbally engage with somebody to feel their energy, you just have to be near them. Right? You can even feel it through a screen like I can feel you or this virtual screen. And so it's a matter of using that knowledge to be like, Oh, can you just condition me a little bit with your due or energy? Because I'm a little tired today, right? Or? Right? If somebody has an undefined Heart Centre, and I have a defined one that's about motivation and willpower. So if someone is like, I'm just not feeling very motivated today, I'm just like, I don't know if I can get up and go do it, or whatever, you know, be like, Oh, well, yeah, let's, you know, have a call right in the morning or something like I can, let's go again, co work together. So you have more of that motivation to get things done. Right. There are ways to kind of pick and choose and use other people's defined centres that you don't have to be very strategic about it. As long as you're not over identifying with it. As long as when you leave their presence, you can say, Okay, thank you breath. So your breath, I think, I love like this concept there of just bringing awareness to these things and then showing up more authentically, what do you think is the key to showing up authentically and using human design as a tool to be able to do that curiosity, I think is big. Again, being self compassion, practising self compassion with yourself being able to mess up right when we have that perfectionist mentality, which a lot of us are are working through and integrating into us and releasing that white knuckle grant not speaking from experience or anything. This is me to a tee. So easy. So I'm here. I'm here with you on this. Yeah. Everything like, especially with say one in my job. Yeah, I think on my profile, like I just want to know every line too. It's like, I need that. I need that certainty. I need to know. Yeah. Yeah, but just allowing yourself right like, learning something new coming with that curiosity of that childlike wonder of being To beginner at something again, right? You don't have to have it all down, you don't have to know every little bit, but you can just take your energy tight, and be like, Okay, how can I start to maybe rework this a little bit? How can I loosen my grip on being a doer, or that hustle culture, or initiating and seeing what comes from it? Right, allowing yourself to do less, if that's the case, which I think is really hard for a lot of people to do less. Because we're so conditioned, at least, you know, definitely here in America, of more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more. Like, oh, well, you've got your Pluto returns now. So hopefully, that will that's a biggie, a, I don't know a lot of bounce it. But I've been listening to an astrologer just to learn a little bit. I mean, it's a collective thing. But obviously, it's the US is like a big thing. So you're hopefully going to see some shifts, I think it's starting to move. Yeah, we'll see how that goes. Anyway, a little bit of a tangent off. Oh, I was thinking in terms of in terms of human design, there's so many elements to it, right? If you wish to share, obviously, we've discussed quite a few aspects and the most kind of prominent aspects of that. But if you were to share some things that you feel are like the most important things to reflect on, or something useful for people to reflect on in their own charts, what do you think something that's really changed things for you to deeper to dive deeper into? So really great question. I think everything in your human design chart has a time in place. But oh, yeah, I'm still you know, diving, diving deeper into my own chart, you know, and I've been doing this for for a while, there's always more to explore. And it all is always very evolving as well, right? Depending on where we are in our lives, looking at one channel or an energy centre, right and understanding it, where we are now as who we are now. And then, you know, reflecting on it, in a year, two years, five years, 10 years, it's gonna look completely different, right, of how we're using it and exploring that. But if we're just starting out, and we're like, oh, I want I want to get into this. And I want some deep reflection and some awareness, I would definitely say start with your what I like to say the big three in human design, just like in astrology, right? You have your sun, moon and rising. In human design, we have our type, our strategy and our authority. So type, we've kind of touched on those five energy types. That's how you're meant to show up in the world, energetically, your authority is how you're designed to make decisions. Right? Like we've touched on a lot today. And then we have our strategy, which is how we are meant to create opportunities for ourselves. And that can be that can be a biggie. Or do you want me to kind of just touch on those real quick if you feel cool, too, if you feel absolutely, yeah, just I'll just do super quick. So generator and manifesting generators, they have the same strategy, which is to respond. Right. So in the world, at least again, in America, for sure. We are taught to initiate, right? Go if you want it, go get it, make it happen. Just do it. Right. That's only energetically correct for manifester ORs. So we'll start with Manchester's Manchester's are here to inform. So their strategy is to let everyone know what they're doing. And then be like, just like I said earlier, who's coming with me? Right? I'm getting on this boat. We're sailing across the ocean. Who wants to come with me to do this? And then everyone else, right, that gives a generator something to respond to? Yeah, that's really interesting, because I've got so many in my field right now. So yeah, there's tonnes? Yeah. Like I've probably met like a in the past like, wow. Which is kind of insane. Yes. Definitely here to disrupt their industry. They're here to like, make moves, make changes act on those urges that they have. And the way that they do that, again, their strategy is to inform saying, I'm doing this, you game. You want to come help me? Cool. Let's go. So really good, fun. It's good. It's given me a lot of good things to respond to. Yeah, pretty so generators and manifesting generators, their strategies to respond, not to initiate and that can sound passive, but it's not because you're constantly responding to things all the time. So if a manifester comes to you and says, I'm doing this, you come in, then you can respond to that energetically, if you're, you know, depending on your authority, right, because it all it all fits together. It's all one big puzzle depending on your authentic design. So if a manifester comes to me and says, I'm doing this project, are you interested? Then you do you have an emotional story? I can't remember sacral sacral three, great, perfect. been, you know, Emma will check with her gut and say, Do I want to do this? And your gut will say yes, or I'll say, know, which is really interesting when you start to learn that voice like yeah, really interesting. Yeah. So a person a girl says, Yeah, let's go that she's responding to that. Right? So Manchester's are informing generators, manifesting generators are to respond. You are magnets, you do not chase you attract, right? So you're constantly attracting these opportunities to yourself to respond to projectors, our strategies to wait for the invitation. Very confusing. I know some people who have projectors, they're like, Hey, this guy get caught up in the idea of what that means. Yeah, yes. And that sounds even more passive, right? Then responding. It's like, so I just sit here. And I'm like, Who wants to come invite me in? Who What do I do? How does that work? So for us, we're meant to be like lighthouses and just share, share, share what we love what we do what lights us up. And that's how we attract our people who invite us it makes sense. So if I'm, you know, sharing my human design, right, and they found me and was like, Hey, I love this, I love to have a session. I, you know, I know now, like all of our connections, right? I want to, and I can check with my intuition and say, Yes, I vibe, let's do it, right. I like it. And then lastly, reflectors are Unicorns of human design, very rare. Their strategy is very, very different from the rest of the types, there's is to wait a lunar cycle. So even more confusing for reflectors, who hear that they're like, I have to wait an entire month to make a decision to have a strategy to like, act on anything. And reflectors have a lot of room to explore their charts, because there's a lot to it, right? They have all those open centres. They're meant to follow the moon cycles, to make decisions to decide what's right and wrong for them. But again, smaller decisions, right? A reflector doesn't have to be like what I want for lunch, maybe I'll know next month, like, stop yourself. But yeah, it's more for like bigger decisions, right? Am I gonna move across the country across the world? Maybe I'm gonna let myself experience this lunar cycle and check in every couple of days to see how I feel about it. Right. So there's a lot reflect Yeah, reflectors are kind of in their own special little design bubble. So if you're a reflector, I highly recommend hiring a coach or a reader or whoever to help you navigate that, because it can be very overwhelming for anyone who's new in human design, especially for a reflector. There's a lot of self exploration that goes on there. I can imagine, I can imagine having all of those open centres as well, and, but just bring that awareness to them is actually probably a lot of like a sigh of relief. Like we talked about people having a sigh of relief, but especially for someone who's or a split flat reflector. Yeah, I have a really good friend actually who's a reflector. And when we learn that we were both like, wow. Yeah, yeah. I was interested just before we kind of wrap off and finish up of the of the concept of, obviously, we're moving from our from our strategy from our authority. But how difficult is it for us to move from that one, we've got a lot of conditioning, that's, that's on top of our ability to move from that place, right? So for example, if you're emotional authority, or sacral authority, you want to follow that. But then there's this condition voice that you learned as a child saying, saying, no, no, that's not the right way. Even when we're aware of human design, that voice may still be present with us. What's the process or just awareness that we can bring to that to allow ourselves to trust ourselves more and lead from our design despite these kind of conditioned presences within us? Yeah. The first again, I'm just gonna say over and over again, self compassion, compassionate with yourself. The first step is even having the awareness that it exists in the first place, because a lot of us don't even have that awareness. We're like, I'm being what I've been taught. Hmm. And I consciously believe At my very core of who I am like, it can be very overwhelming, it can be a lot. So don't put a timeline on it, don't put, you can't put a timeline on this work, you can't look at your chart and be like, osmosis. I'm perfect, right? Again, perfect doesn't exist. And an experimentation or going through, especially when we have a lot of that conditioning. Right of Wow. Because, especially in conditioning and in the healing process, at coming, in my point of view from from the work I've done, is that once you shed one layer of conditioning, another one reveals itself so it's, yeah, enjoy the journey. Because you're gonna be on it for the rest of your life. And that's not daunting. That's humbling. That's to humble you. That's yeah, yeah. So again, you know, hiring someone to, to help you through it, there's no shame in that game. I, I'm a coach myself, I work with a lot of different coaches, you know, I see the value in it therapy, coaching, all of these kinds of things, human design, reading, astrological reading spirituality, like, all of that can help you kind of dig deeper into those conditioning layers. And, again, give yourself time to really explore it. To really reflect and journal on it. Ask yourself, where did I learn this? Is it true? Right turn on our thought processors? Am I accepting this as true? Or is am I rejecting this as truth? And how can I switch think better? How can I reframe this? How can I be 1%? How can I implement and integrate 1%? Tomorrow, right? It's not going cold turkey are full steam ahead with all of this. It's how can I integrate just a little bit more every day? And then allow myself if it doesn't feel good to be like, Why doesn't it feel good? How should I throw it out? Should I try something new like all of this stuff, it's it's just constant redirect and pivoting and learning and assessing and exploring and it's fun. Oh, so fun. I think that takes the pressure off so much as well, just to see it as play. See it as practice is fun. Because otherwise, we end up walking this path of we have to do this in order to heal this or we have to make this happen. And we can get caught up in the expectations of what we think healing is supposed to be rather than just the experience of the journey and deeper connection and knowing with ourselves and with others. Yeah. And our brains are really good at supplying evidence to make us and help us believe these things are true, right? So if we don't have the awareness or right for procrastination, procrastination is bad that people procrastinate, that's a negative trait. My brain is constantly seeking experiences and people in moments that supply evidence of why I'm a bad person for procrastinating. Once I start to shift that point of view in my brain, right? Our brains start to supply evidence that's different than that, right? Oh, procrastinating isn't actually bad. It's just how I'm organically supposed to work. So now I create timelines for myself. And it all works out because that's how I'm naturally supposed to use that energy. And then our brains like oh, yeah, that's cool. Yeah, we'll just create timelines you're there's nothing wrong with you, you're fine. Just finding ways to support who you actually are rather than like you said at the beginning, not following what everyone tells you should do or should be. Exactly. I feel like that's big enough even in our industry to follow things to prescribe to this programme. This is the answer is what I'm hearing with this whole conversation and through yours. You are the answer when you're aware of yourself. Yeah, yeah. And that's something that I a one size fits all transformation is not something I promote in my business. You are unique being I do not put you in a box ever. Even in my you know, I have a DIY an evergreen manifestation course as well. And even in the manifestation force, everyone's designed to manifest differently according to your human design. And so it's like subscribing to these coaches are these programmes are you know, that work for a lot of people. I'm not saying they're negative 10 Each have their moment and their place in time. But for me, like everyone is so unique and different that your transformation is isn't going to be the same as everyone else's. And that's really really important to me. Yeah, so where can people find you if they resonate with you, connected you or they want to work with you? By the way, you don't have to spell it out. It'll be in the show notes. So just read it because I have S T. Yes. The best place to find me right now would probably be on Instagram at Stacey underscore keel, and process of getting my website up, which should be soon, which is exciting. Amazing. Yes. Yeah. So yeah, just connect with me, drop me a DM, follow me on Instagram and let's chat. And I just want to honestly say I loved working with you like you're just just a bundle of joy. Like, that's the only way I know how to describe it. You just have this energy that's just so, so joyful. And I just love that. And when you talk about authenticity, and many people talk about authenticity and the industry, but you like just radiate it. And I just think, like, how nice is it to see that in this industry? See someone who's so genuine, hence why I've loved having you on and loved having you work with you as well. And so if there's something that you would you feel called to leave us on and something that comes through to you, and I'd love for you to wrap us up. Thank you for those kind words. They mean a lot, thank you. parting words. If you're feeling stuck, it's not forever, you can't get out of it, you will get out of it again, healing and growth is not linear. So if you have that in your brain, get that out right now. And you are worthy of a divine life. Just as you are you are born with that you're innately worthy. I love that one nice one to end on. Thank you so much for coming on today. Me thank you everyone that's tuned in and listen then head to the show notes if you haven't already to, to work with Stacey or connect with Stacey. And also, if you want to know more about your human design chart, and you haven't followed along in this episode, they will be in the show notes as well. Thank you everyone. Thank you so much for coming on my love. See you later.