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#63 Resilience, Re-birth & Second Chances with Mari Curteanu

March 23, 2022 Season 3 Episode 63
Limitless with Emma Evelyn
#63 Resilience, Re-birth & Second Chances with Mari Curteanu
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In today's episode with Mari Curteanu, we talk about creating balance in your life and learning to trust life by seeing and discovering the essence of who we really are. We dive deep into connecting with ourselves first, surrendering to natures flow and how this creates the foundations for an enriching, nourishing life. Her inspirational story is summed up in her book The Wisdom of a Willow Tree, which she shares an excerpt of in this episode.  Mari provides some take-aways on how to move through resistance and how your traumas can become the source of your power. 

Meet Mari! Mari Curteanu is the founder of BodyMind & Soul Fitness, a platform for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  Her journey is a result of a series of bold decisions she took from a very young age. Married young, moved countries twice, changed career to follow her calling and rose above incredible life challenges.  She has a background in Sport Sciences and Nutrition, combined with Life Coaching practitioner experience via the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology.

She works with people and helps them navigate and overcome life adversities and crisis, by providing the tools of turning the “mud into gold”, so that they can become the alchemists of their own lives. She has created a series of online programs with the same intention.

Her incredible journey is a spring of daily inspiration for people around the world, and she generously shares wisdom and tools for inner transformation.

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The Wisdom over willow tree a true story about resilient rebirth and second chances. The willow tree by the river of life I feel immersed in the golden sunset at the line between the Earth and the Heavens. It's mesmerising to witness such magnificence. My soul is melting. As my eyes absorb this magical sight. It permeates every particle of my being. I am forgetting who I am. And I'm feeling like I'm almost losing myself. Who could even drop such a beauty. The gentle whispers of the river are calling me back to awareness. It feels as if they're trying to reveal great secrets in a language I can't yet begin to understand. I see the sparkles of the Golden sila reflected in the water, like precious diamonds at the bottom of the river. It is a river that seemed to mind its own path, flowing gently, but decisively towards a mysterious destination. I close my eyes, feel the breeze on my face, and tilted towards the sun. It's worth kisses my skin. My soul smiles with gratitude. And every cell of my body is filled with light and love for life. Wouldn't tears of joy slide down my cheeks, and I feel at one with everything around me. I lose any sense of time. I'm not sure if I'm still in the same sport, or if I have transcended it and go on to another place. I opened my eyes to reassure myself. And by the side of the river, I see it the wheel of tree a beautiful gracious silhouette that complements this magic sunset. Its branches are delicate and flexible. Its movements are soft, and gracious. Like a prima ballerina joining this mystic dance with nature. At times, the dance is soft and sweet. At other times, it's spectacular and breathtaking. It is the dance of existence of perfect symphony of nature, like the long hair of a beautiful girl surrendering to the breeze. I see complete surrender and openness to nature's flow. No matter how much it has to bend, the willow tree won't break because he trusts and follows the flow of Mother Earth. It's a perfect picture of balance, stability and strength, flexibility and harmony, innate wisdom and resilience. The wisdom that resides within its existence is given by Mother Nature herself. Its resilience is the ability to embrace and rise above any challenge that comes along the way to meet these three brings a powerful message. Root yourself deeply in values and beliefs that keep you grounded and nourished. Stand tall, strong and healthy in your physical body. Have an open mind that allows you to adjust to the powerful flow of life. Trust and surrender your whole being to the grand dance of Mother Nature out of here this morning. Wow. Marie, that was so beautiful. Like there was so many emotions going through then. So thank you for thank you for allowing me to read this. I have my my voice was trembling. I wasn't sure if I was going oh, no, it sounded so. So beautiful. For anyone who's tuning in now that was just Marie and she was sharing from her new book. Do you want to introduce your your book for everybody? Yes. So yeah, actually, today is the birthday of the 16th of March. It has been out for preorder for about a week. So yes, this is a book about some incredible circumstances, some incredible things that happened in my life and I am sharing this with everyone basically, it has been very emotional and it felt vulnerable to show so many details. But yeah, it's out. It's about 70,000 words. You need to get some tissues. Yeah, I was feeling really good. that. But yeah, thank you so much. That is actually the wisdom of a willow tree wisdom story about resilience, rebirth and second chances. Yeah. I think in that reading, like, if if you didn't fully feel like you were listening to that, I would like to invite you, as a listener to go back and just close your eyes and feel into to how that feels in your body and how that resonates with you. Because it was a really powerful, powerful section and I want to tap into to now Marie, like, what are those feelings that get brought up in you when when you see yourself reading that and when you when you feel into to that part of you that there is the willow tree? It is. And what I want to say is that we all have that part in US said, we all have that reason of the willow tree within us. The wisdom is part of us. So yeah, it always feels like home exactly as I have described it there. You know, it feels like a sense of becoming one with everything, you know, becoming light becoming at peace. And the eyes, just one with everything. I think nature to me has been one of my greatest teachers. Because if you pay attention to nature, like an instance, on a stormy day, the willow tree just flows, it doesn't resist does it? So that in itself is a message that when as well, when we encounter life challenges, like I have myself and I know all of us have gone through something we all have had our hardships. And I know that it's a message that instead of resisting and fighting and trying to oppose, maybe just flow with it, you know, and adjoining that part, because we all play a part in this whole picture. Don't we have that wisdom for you? What were the moments in your life, maybe some ones that you touched on in your book, where you had to really allow yourself to flow within the resistance that you're experiencing in your, in your internal and your external world? Wonderful, wonderful question. So the biggest part of the book describes a health life crisis that I have undergone. And as we all know, when it comes to health crisis, we feel hopeless, don't we? Because we kind of know it's outside of our control. You know, and that is how I have learned, which is actually what I am writing in the introduction of the book. I've always had that feeling that the willow tree was always with me, as it is with all of us, that inner voice that we have that wisdom that we have that always speaks to us. Sometimes we pay attention, sometimes we don't. But to me, I mostly learned in the last couple of years since 2019, when I was diagnosed with a life threatening condition. We will or maybe I'm not going to detail everything right now. But yeah, that has totally change the trajectory of my life. And that's where the physical and mental and emotional transformation started for me. And that is, as I say, in the book, where I have learned the wisdom of the willow tree in that year. Since that year, do you feel that that event coming into your life was life the divine God, whatever you want to call it calling, surrender? Surrender? Absolutely. Yes. I mean, I realised I haven't even allowed you to finish the sentence. You're, you're already seeing it your intuitions there. You're big because it's a solid? Yes. It's an absolutely and yes, yes. I do know. Yeah, it has been and I wouldn't, I wouldn't, you know, everything happened. For me to get closer to myself, and to that wisdom, and to nature and to the essence of who we really are, you know, that's, that's what life crises are about, I think, for me to meditation to start going inwards, because as we are at now, all of us, including myself, most at times, we tend to be externally focused on things On stimulation on life on comparison, these that shiny things, and we do do do and our life becomes something about achieving and doing. But life is not all about that is it? Life is also about experiencing and about connecting with yourself first and weave people around you. Because what is what is what if you live in a in a castle and you have everything you want in the world, but you don't have that connection with someone? What would that mean? So, it first starts with that there's nothing wrong with the castle and the reaches and everything that we want, we deserve it all. But it has to first start from within, you have to connect with yourself first, and know who you are at the core, know what you are about at the core. And from that place, everything else can unfold. Hmm, I love that powerful message for people that are listening in that are thinking to themselves, you know, I want to experience that connection with myself, I want to go deeper and understand and know myself, but aren't necessarily experiencing a life crisis or something that's initiating them into that journey. What are some techniques or takeaways that you could offer them to? To actually begin that path? Yeah, beautiful. So when a life crisis comes along, yeah, it's like the last resort of the universe, let's say, to let us know, it clearly means we haven't paid attention, even though we might think that we have because so many people are actually in tune to with themselves, and they are working towards themselves. They're working on themselves and all of that. However, still, there are things that we just, we don't know that we don't know, if it makes sense, you know, we just don't know it. And so sometimes life will come and bring you this bam, you know, and everything will fall apart, just so he draws your attention. And when that happens, is like life is telling you, okay, you've done enough, there's nothing you can do right? Now, let me take over. So that's how you learn to surrender. Because you were usually given, we are usually given little hints along the way, but we don't pay attention. Therefore, my I don't like to call it advice. But what I would suggest what I would invite everyone to do is to pay attention to those little things along the way. It's not like you have to do something major. You don't, all you have to do is just become aware, pay attention and pay attention to those little voices. Sometimes we have these voices inside, and you feel something is right. But then you override it with your logic and you're like nananana No, I'm just, I'm just making this up. You know, it could be something else. And then we override it. So sometimes it's about becoming in tune with yourself with your body with your intuition. Pay attention to the little signals that you get along the way the messages that come to you. And yeah, it's not really about doing something major is just about being more rather than attempting to do so much. You know? Yeah, that resonated deep within me. Yeah. The doing and the fixing part of us is is quite powerful, especially when it's coming from a place of trauma. How do you see being and living from a place of being as us finally understanding and coming to peace with the trauma and the parts of us that experience that trauma that live within us? Yeah. So there is so much so many opinions and so many experiences around trauma and I don't really like to call it that way unnecessarily. But we all experience it and it doesn't matter what we call it is just our experiences that I've have had like a pose an impactful imprint on us. Now it may be a positive one or not so positive one, but these ones are the ones that we may have nightmares about, right? There are ones that makes us do crazy things because it's deeply the image that we create because everything we feel is based. Even everything we think is based on a new major So, we have that picture in our mind. So it definitely starts with a mental trauma, right. And it's also there's also a physical trauma. But what I wanted to say is that everybody will experience things in different way what has happened to me. If that will happen to you, you may have, you may experience in a totally different way. And there is a lot of talk a lot of talk about post traumatic stress, right? People talk about that a lot. But the truth is that there is also post traumatic strength, so you can get stronger, or you can get, he depends on, on how that impacts you. But that's not only on how we can ship this around is also depends on one of the most important thing is our mental attitude around the situation. If we are willing to get help from others, sometimes we need help. When I was in the hospital. After the events, I've had people coming, I think there were like counsellors to help me with my mental health and all of that. And they were always there. And they asked me, you know, if we could call you later and check on you, and so on, because I know they were there to help me with the trauma that you're talking about. Because there's always a potential negative side effect, let's call it when you go through the situations. And she did call me one time, but then she said, as I mentioned, in my book, she didn't consider it was necessary for her to call me again, because I was okay. But what I'm saying is that this is not the case for everybody. Some people may experience you know, may have an I have had to I describe in a book, I had physical sensation, sensation of something traumatic that has happened. So this is true, this is happening. However, with time, whenever you have that feeling, that mental trauma coming back, you have the power to override it slowly. You have the power, nobody else can do that for you. You know, you can if you need external help, there are people who are specialists that can help you with that, like ask the advice of a specialist. But what happens some people just take that trauma and carry with it they carry with, with with the trauma with them for the rest of their lives, like saying there's nothing I can do about it. I am traumatised forever. But I would like to say, I'm not, I'm not saying that, you know, I don't want to upset anybody. But my experience of this is that you can overcome it. All that matters is your attitude and your intention. Do I want to overcome it? Do I deserve to live a happy life after this? Do I allow myself to live a happy life after this? These are the questions. And when you allow and when you want. And when you have a positive mental attitude, you will look for positive things because they will also be there. There are all the negative things that happen because they happen. But there's also all these other beautiful things. So it's never just one side of the story. Well, this has happened to me and there's nothing I can do about there will always be something you can do about it. This kind of brings us back to what we discussed a little bit. Before we before we jumped on today about this balance between the light between the dark, how has that welcomed you into a more abundant life through allowing yourself to experience that balance and not lean so much into what your experiences have meant for you and what you perceive them to be? And also what the joy as well, what the joy creates? Yeah, so Well, as I as I said earlier, someone has said to me, you know, there's there's the universe always strikes for balance. Right. And sometimes we think that we got to be so overexcited, so over the moon, or, you know, sometimes we tend to be so so sad that like everything is falling apart. And sometimes the universe wants to tip us a little bit over is like don't get too too too too super excited or too too too sad because you're gonna tip over you know, there's always a test of tip over. And we all know that the universe is all about balance even though from where we are right now. From our perception. We we see hunger, we see death we see bad things happening in the world, but there is also amazing things happening in The world. However, as a whole, this is balance is centred. And it's, you know, it's all about balance when it comes to, to me, to me, I found teas. When I when I still grabbing on to feeling so excited or feeling too sad pieces when you still grabbing on to things for experience, I want more of that that other piece is not stop grabbing, stop trying to make it yours. because T is is when you are in the moment when you and what does it mean to be in the moment it means this stop grabbing on to things allow the moment to flow through you. And yeah, and that's one another thing that I like to say instead of trying to be in the moment and exist in the moment like people okay, oh, okay, mistake. Okay, focus, focus. Yeah, I'm straining you know, that's not how you're going to be in the moment, allow the moment to be to come through you allow life to come through you, not the other way around. That requires us to be open. Right? Exactly. Open. So no grabbing, just allowing things to flow. Because sometimes people say I'd like to stay present, stay present, you know, and you almost training your senses to try to stay present. And that's not what present is about, you know, or I'm focusing on that thing. I want to stay present with something. No, that's not what presence is about presence is about allowing everything, even if 10 People are talking to you, at the same time, allow them to speak to the same time, what will stay within will stay with you. And then they'll eventually stop and realise they're all talking at the same time in my business. I don't know if this makes sense. But just like what I'm kind of hearing in that, is that the process of allowing and then allowing life to work through you, is this release of control over life? Absolutely. Absolutely. I think go that's what I have learned and what I'm sharing in the book, when something like this happen outside of your control, first of all, you need to learn to accept what is happening, because we don't accept it. And as a result, we try to control it, or manipulate it or change things so that things happen the way that we think they should. And the first when you accept it, you don't need to control it anymore. So just letting go of control, it's hard because you won't be able to let go of control until you accept what is for people that are listening in and they're thinking to myself I want to let go of control. I want to be in that space to be open and then moving from that place trying to control how to let go of control what guidance would you give to them or Takeaways would you give to them to to kind of moving from a place that's not ego driven to let go but more just like that presence that you were really speaking about and and tapping into especially when you're reading into like what it means to embody the willow tree and the wisdom of the willow tree. Yeah, well, what did you What does what I'm going to ask you a question. So what is less what does the willow tree need in order to surrender to the storm? Huh? roots. Roots Yes, strong roots. Yeah. GROUNDED GROUNDED sustenance. Yeah, absolutely. It's these are all these are all yours. There are a few more I'm gonna I'm gonna allow you a little bit more awareness of itself. Yeah. And there's one very very evident as well. Let me know when you know it's not coming through to me. There's no coming back. Because Because probably is the elephant in the room. That's why Yeah, it's always the one that's the most obvious that you can't see. staring you in the face. Yeah, yeah. It's trust. Is the elephant in the room, isn't it So in order to surrender, you need to trust. So people, if something happens in my life, which is not how I planned, which seems seemingly, it's a catastrophe, seemingly, it's like, No, this cannot happen to me, this is not how I planned, I don't want this to happen, right. But later on when you along the way, it will make sense in that moment, he doesn't make sense. So, for you to surrender, and to go with this powerful flow, you need to trust that life is review, life, never against to Life will always restore balance. If we don't pay attention to the clues which are directing us on our soul path, then something will have to happen for us to go back to that balance, to tip us back. And when that happens, if we don't trust life, if we don't believe that, everything is for us, then we are going to resist, we're gonna feel like life is the enemy. So the moment you feel like life is the enemy, because you said, the ego who said how can we let go of you know, the ego that around the ego is what is the fear of life is planning something bad for me, so I know better. Let me garden with me build this walls around me so that nothing will ever happen to me. That shifted something in me, and I'm sure a lot of people listening as well. Beautiful. The trust, the trust is a huge one for a lot of us when Yeah, a lot of our experiences of trust have been that when we trust we see suffering on the other side, or we see pain on the other side. And like you said there that ability to surrender fully to life is to always trust that life is working for you without necessarily understanding in that moment. What it what it's trying to show you what it's trying to do for you. Do you see an element there as well of that trust and also the need to release expectations in that trust as well? Absolutely, there is, well, we all have some expectation, and it's very hard for human beings not to have some expectations. And it's okay. As long as we don't tie up, our happiness for future will be to move on for as long as we don't really meet ourselves to those expectations. So if Emma doesn't call me today, ah, it's the end of the world. You know, so if Emma calls me it's a bonus. Yeah, if that expectation happens, that's even better. But I'm already okay without the expectation. So we need to find ways to be okay without expectation. What I'm hearing in that is the importance of first nourishing and being with your internal world before you're looking outside. And actually, when you look to the outside, seeing it only as a reflection of what's already within you rather than something that you need to change or that you need to control. Beautiful, Mr. Because what you've just said is the essence what we see outside is a reflection of what's inside. And if we if there is something outside that we judge we don't like it upsets us or just doesn't we don't like that thing that we see around us where there isn't a person in a situation in whatever is just it's just letting us know that there is something within ourselves that we need to attend is something within ourselves that we haven't yet acknowledged we haven't yet embraced we haven't yet seen so we are invited to it literally again the universe letting us know here you see this person is annoying you this relationship is annoying you what there's something about that person that you need to become aware that could be within yourself as well. Powerful power every time because when I work with cable every time we do it like that, there's always it's always so many times as well, like it's yeah, it's like actually really amazing when you start to see it. And when you start to see, you can literally watch people and you're like, I'm watching myself, I am watching myself the things my shadow, the parts of me that I've deeply unconscious. And in that moment, I think when we can see that when we can live life that way. And I wonder if you would, if you would agree here with me, Marie, is that it actually brings us a sense of humility, but also a deepened level of great, great gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, because it's like, Thank you life for showing me the thing that I could not see within myself so that I can bring it to light so that I can let it be seen. Let it be seen within myself. Absolutely, I am resonating. I'm feeling your words through my skin right now. So yeah, absolutely. How amazing it is that there is something that always lets you know about yourself. It lets you know about your next step. It lets you know what you need to see. But imagine if we are actually going to ask for it. Show me what I need to see. Show me the parts of me that I haven't embraced yet. Show me. Please show me joy. You know, show me how can I experience that? And you will see it everywhere. When you ask not asking, you know, because we're not alone. How do you ask life? Just like that, you know, life? Show me? Full Joy show me how can I experience you know, wonderful connection with people? Show me genuine connection with myself with people with nature. Show me joy, show me abundance, you know, who really have to ask show me, you know, for someone listening to this, and I think you know, I pray and I ask but I can't hear? I can't do you pray with your words only? Do you feel it in your body? When you say show me the joy? I'm already feeling the door. I'm getting excited. That's how the prayer, the prayer. The most powerful prayer is the feeling. I write something a paragraph in my book about that. The most powerful prayer is the feeling really, because it's not what we say all day. Out Loud. Is what we repeat in our mind. A prayer please. I can say for five minutes. Yes. Please give me a great body. And please help me lose weight because I want to be smoking for two this summer at the beach and I want to rock that swimming okay, I can even feel that like difference of energy and the way that that out, you know? I'm always sharing from experience going to the mirror? And I say yeah, I'm gonna go to them. Oh, I look so fat. I feel so juicy. Oh, look terrible. Look at this jelly legs. So how is that going to happen? is like telling the universe one thing and then you telling the universe targeting you confusing the universe. It's coming from a place of lack. When we confuse coming from a place of I need because I'm not whole as I am already. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. That's why everything starts from within, when you understand what you are in that invisible space when you close your eyes. That's where you are. You see that as within yourself. So me Who Do I See see that as within yourself? Who am I? It's unlimited. It's exciting. It's like it never ends. It doesn't have a start or an end. It can be anything. Yeah, that's what it feels like. Yeah, when you close your eyes, because people tend to see the reflection in the mirror. And they they just treat themselves so badly sometimes just because they look in a certain way and they feel so bad and that they dwell into that and just that changes their whole energy. And it happened to me there were moments when I was looking in the mirror and I couldn't recognise myself and that's why I'm whatever I say is from experience. And I was looking in the mirror like, Oh, who is this person? I can't recognise myself. You lose your identity. You lose your sense of who you are. Your use of that is confusing. It's it's a thing to go through. And then I found this thing of course it came to me. Close your eyes. How do you feel? I feel perfect. I feel great. Well, that's who you are. You know that? Do you think God through life is always inviting us to see ourselves beyond ourselves beyond the sense of self? Absolutely, absolutely. And that doesn't mean that we, we shouldn't experience life as humans, or we shouldn't have all the human experiences, because that's why we're here. We are here to experience life to create whatever we want for ourselves. But at the same time, you need to know where you create from, you need to know your source is like, I need to know my rules, right? I need to know where I come from. And then I can do whatever I want. Right? What I'm hearing in this that I think a lot of listeners would, would be interested in is, is the sense that, like, what manifestation is or what actualizing your desires is, is really just realising who you are at the source. Absolutely. And what, what is important to understand that manifestation, a lot of people talk about manifestation, and manifestation. It's a natural thing. It's it happens whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. Prayer equals manifestation. Prayer is not just what I'd say, when I put my hands together. Like I said earlier, prayer is everything I repeat, in my mind when nobody hears me, prayer is everything I keep telling myself or other people. Prayer is how you feel every day in and out. That's your most powerful prayer. And sometimes, we are not aware of our thoughts. We're not aware of what makes us feel the way we feel. And so some things are going to happen, and we're not going to like it. Awareness is that first step? Yeah, a lot of the time, becoming aware of this mechanism that it that we function from, it's what we think, how we think is going to make us feel in a certain way. And that energy is going to attract everything around us. And not only that, we're going to feel in a certain way and act in a certain way, which is external already. But it all starts from the inside and then goes outside, right? In reverse, haven't we, a lot of the times, I mean, myself included in a lot of situations in my life, and in my past and watching my journey. But understanding that controlling the outside, is never really going to fulfil us. Because we start with the outside, we're placing our power in a space that it doesn't belong. Absolutely, absolutely. We forget, actually, I think what you're saying now, beautifully. Please think I'm thinking when you say that, the thought comes to my mind that we we forget how powerful we are. And we think that it's someone else. So they're doing all these things. And we try to resist that something and fight against it. And of course, it never works. Because we fighting against ourselves, the part of us that we don't know, we don't recognise isn't it? So that's the invisible enemy. That's the dragon that we will find that the demon that we we we are afraid of, but it's us because it's the part of us that we don't know is how we function from the vein, how we create our experiences. And then we try to fight an Invisible Demon which really what does that day men need from money needs love, love, love, ease. Love heals everything. Love heals everything. Love is the antidote for everything. And even all this in in working with people and people were talking about shadows and working about people, you know, you're your critic, and you're these and you're that and narcissist and this and that I just don't like all these labels. I have to be honest, however, these are all parts of ourselves that we don't want to erase. Yeah, I think it needs to be raised. It needs to be understood and embraced. That's it. Because when you understand that demon and you embrace it and you make friends with it, what's going to happen? You're going to be so much stronger. So you're going to have such a solid foundation. You're going to have a bigger tribe, aren't you? He loved the whole of you, not just pop exactly the reason that we like part of us and we are tempted to meet certain benchmarks, criterias, externally internally, whatever measures, KPIs performance indicators, and all of that, right, is because we have been conditioned through society to look for these things, to feel that these things will fulfil us when when we have them. So it's not like it's anybody's fault. There's nobody's fault. But when you become aware of it, you have the choice to change and always have a choice. The most powerful thing we have in this world is choice. freewill choice made based on freewill. What are you choosing right now in your life? Love, joy, happiness, freedom. How does it feel to like really choose those parts of your life? It feels p it fits at peace. It feels exciting. It feels, you know, at the same time, excitement, peace, it just feels right. It just feels right. Maybe doesn't make sense. But I think all of us if we just follow how we feel, you know, not how you feel because something externally stimulated you to feel it. Because that's a reaction. Right? If I see a message coming through, and I go, whoo, I'm excited. Yeah, that's external. That I'm not talking about that. Talking about how you feel in general, when you're about to do something, does it feel right to you? Does it sit with you. So follow how you feel. Because most of the time we follow what we think other people think is the right thing to do. So I'm going to do that, because that's the right thing to do. And that's not going to sit with you. Of course, you're going to do it because it's the right thing to do. But it doesn't always come from love. That's it. It also doesn't always honour your uniqueness as a being and your unique soul path. Absolutely. Beautiful. Going back to that the whole sort of concept of your book of the willow tree of the wisdom, the willow tree. If the willow tree was to speak, right now, like what do you think would come through? What would it say? Oh, that's beautiful. That's beautiful. Like so many things. Let me see. I only have three words love peace, harmony. Because that's the most important. But always, always. Look inside. Look inside, if you want to know the truth. Look inside. The truth is not outside of you. It's inside of you. That's the truth. Always look inside for the truth. Yeah, that's what's coming to you. Wow. That's so beautiful. I think that's a little part that's just, I encourage people to just sit with to really feel into like what that means to you, and how that resonates within you. What does it feel like to look inside and to meet whatever those feelings are? With compassion? Yeah, might feel scary, it might feel challenging. But all of that resistance is also as Maria spoke about when we first opened, also a pathway to connection with yourself. Beautiful. What a beautiful interview. This was, like really beautiful. I just, I want to honour you because I feel like the connection that we have, and the integrity that you have when you show up the the radiance, to speak from a place of love and from a place of truth that's within you. And to recognise that in other people hold space for other people I think is just incredibly powerful. And the being the way you live in your being is really powerful as well. Like, I can see that and I know so many people who are listening will hear that through your voice and if they're watching on YouTube as well. We'll see that in in your presence. So thank you and I love for you to to share as we wrap up how people can connect with you. They're looking to connect with you and where people can go to, to purchase your incredible and soul moving book. Thank you, Mr. I am grateful. And the honour is all mine, honestly, I always feel so reach. When I connect with people like you, you know, when I, when I have this interaction, I just feel like I'm the richest person in the world. Like, again, you don't need anything this is it, you know, just feel it everywhere. So I want to thank you for that. And for your wonderful heartfelt words. People can read my book is available on Amazon and around the world. And it has been it's been available on a few other sites, I need people to know that I do not control the prices. And people just I just want if somebody goes on Amazon, for example, they may find different options to purchase the book. So please, if you go, please go make sure you find the option that's more valuable to you the one that is better value for you. Because there's loads of people that jump in and want to, you know, have a slice of the pie, as they say. And you can also always go onto my website, because I have collected on my website, all the links where the book is available all over the world in Australia dies in the show notes as well, for everyone. Yes. And others. Thank you. And yeah, so that's where most people can reach out to me on my website. And if you want to go on Amazon directly, the book is available, there will it will become available on other sites as well. But I will let people know on my social media on my Instagram account as well. So amazing. Thank you so much for that. And as we finish up, I'd love for you to just leave us with a final note that you kind of want everyone to sit with. And I mean, we've had some incredible ones throughout this entire episode. But if there's anything else that wants to come through to wrap us up my love to share it. Yeah, I will, I will share something simple. So I think one of the most fulfilling thing for all of us is not how much money we make is not the things that we you know, achieve as such. But it's that feeling that we feel when we feel that we are being ourselves. So in order to be yourself truly and authentically. Because that is what's going to make you fulfil, feel fulfilment in your life is for you to be able to find that thing that's going to fulfil you. And in order to find that thing that's going to fulfil you, you need to find out what you are about. You need to find what makes you happy. So if you take time to really sit down and understand what is the most important thing that gives me joy, that makes me happy that thing that I am about, right? And because that means that is your most authentic self. And we can never be happy if we are not our authentic self. When we pretend to be someone else, we never going to be happy when we copy someone else we never going to be happy is going to be just a puff. And it's going to go. So the key is to find what gives you joy, what makes you you What are you about? And then when you find that? Because everybody's about we have to do do do do this and do this and do this. Okay, great. I give you I invite you to do the following. How can you be who you are, through what you're doing? So I invite you to continue to doing but be who you are through your doing. That's my invitation. Right? Do what you want to do. But make sure you are being you through what you're doing. Oh, I love that. Let us know. Let us know. Yeah. Beautiful. Take that as a journal prompts. Everyone has to go and think No, how can I repeating the words? Maria, how can I be more of who I am through what I'm doing? Amazing. Thank you so much for coming on. I love I love you so much. Thank you. Yeah, I think it's such a beautiful, such a beautiful guest and someone that I just completely love. I love to interview you because you just speak so from the heart. So thank you so much for coming on my love. Thank you my beautiful. Thank you and thanks everyone for listening. Yeah, thanks, everyone for tuning in. And we'll see You guys saying thank you very much