Limitless with Emma Evelyn

#59 Stabilise Your Nervous System with Laura Larios

March 02, 2022
Limitless with Emma Evelyn
#59 Stabilise Your Nervous System with Laura Larios
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In today's episode with Laura Larios we talk about nervous system stabilisation and we provide you with some practical take-aways that you can use in all areas of life to support your nervous system. We dive deeper into the importance of nervous system stabilisation in entrepreneurship and how you can support yourself, and your nervous system whilst scaling your business. 

Meet Laura Larios, founder of The Potent CEO. She is a trained trauma sensitive nervous system coach & consultant who helps women lower adrenaline & increase their emotional intelligence so that they thrive in their businesses & careers.

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So when we're stabilising the system we're also giving it capacity to hold more. So this means like stress can come in and your system has the capability to hold it and not go into a you know, like let's say a big survival response anymore. It's like all the stress comes in and you're still able to maintain mostly events will stay even when stress is happening because that's the other thing like our world obviously, there's a lot of things happening. I only can eliminate all the stress and I think there's gonna be if I buy to stabilise my nervous it's just gonna be cheap. all the time and it's like no, it's not that's not the goal. So I would say for people who want to scale sustainably I would really look at where do you tend to go? First of all, like, Do you tend to move on to a fight or flight response are you do tend to move more into that freeze or that shutdown response where it's hard to move or get motivated around things? Or you doing a million things? And you're having difficulty focusing or there's definitely the million things one is falling